Water sprinklers

23:25, Feb 11 2013

Beautiful lawns and gardens are one of the features that makes Hamilton a very desirable city in which to live.

Water sprinklers remain the simplest and most cost-effective method for city ratepayers to prevent dry-season parching and scorching of their gardens and lawns.

During the level-1 and level-2 sprinkler restrictions, why not require the use of a timer device to limit the water supply to a sprinkler to the two hours deemed allowable?

Simple water timers can cost as little as $10 from hardware shops, which is a small investment to protect valuable and expensive gardens.

Timers easily limit inadvertent or perhaps deliberate overindulgence in water use, and certainly reduce wastage from overwatering.

This could be enough to prevent the imposition of the draconian and (to lawns and gardens) lethal level-3 restrictions.