Letter: Time to debate

22:20, Feb 13 2013

Despite the DHB being an avid proponent of fluoridation, the Waikato District Health Board has again turned down an opportunity for Principal Dental Officer Rob Aitken and Dr Felicity Dumble to present the case for fluoridation.

What is wrong with the Waikato District Health Board, particularly the Medical Officer of Health?

She consistently fails to debate the fluoride issue but portrays the mantra that "community water fluoridation is effective, irrespective of an individual's behaviour, ethnic or socio-economic status". If she truly believes this and has the evidence, then why not debate the issue and convince the 'non-believers' to her point of view.

The recent decision by Thames Community Board to continue fluoridation with a rider that people can opt out of having fluoride added to their water is surely a decision when you don't want to make a decision.

Just how is that going to work and at what cost to the ratepayer?

The Medical Officer of Health is reported to be delighted with the decision.

Her (and the DHB's) approach smacks of an arrogant 'I know best' attitude and I suspect that she has little evidence to support her view. The science is certainly not settled on this issue.