Letter: A flawed case

22:20, Feb 13 2013

Fluoride proponents cite a 2003 US study (Collins) in support of claiming fluoride is safe. That study does not confirm such a conclusion and its 227 pages throw up statements such as: Five communities which stopped fluoridation did not find that caries rates increased. (pg 6) Early theory on fluoride held it needed to be incorporated into developing enamel before the tooth emerged from the gums - therefore, fluoride needed to be swallowed. (Pg 11) Recent research has now concluded that the theory was wrong and the 'benefits' of fluoride accrued from 'topical' exposures, eg direct application to the teeth and gums. (Pg 11) "Given the weakness in design and the methodological flaws to which many of the studies were subject, the data from these recent studies must be treated with some caution." (Pg 17)

Findings: Other Health Effects "The absence of finding any conclusive evidence does not prove that fluoride cannot cause other potential effects."(Pg 46) The 'experts' are throwing up contradictory 'evidence' which simply adds to people's confusion. There is growing opinion internationally that fluoride may not be as beneficial as claimed and additional research is needed.