Letter: Governance required

When will Hamilton city councillors understand their role is one of governance?

Councillor Dave Macpherson needs to make up his mind. Is he a "union delegate" championing increased wage rates for HCC workers, or is he a councillor focused on ratepayers receiving the best delivery of core services without blowing the budgets and creating unnecessary rate hikes?

How much fat is there in HCC's budgets if he proposes on pulling $170,000 out of the hat from budgeted expenditure in favour of increasing the minimum wage for staff to $18.40?

There is no denying Cr Macpherson likes to lobby councillors, so perhaps this is a good opportunity to "lobby" all councillors to accept a pay cut and apply these savings directly into the staff remuneration budget for wage increases.

Councillors earn well above the proposed $18.40 minimum wage and councillors taking a pay cut would be a show of good faith and a good vote catcher. This could be his next campaign slogan: "Vote Dave, putting his money where his mouth is." Certainly better than the last electoral slogan of "Vote Dave, Vote Trains" and a whole lot less costly to ratepayers.