Gilded tramp tarnishes the homeless

"The Gilded Tramp", featured in the Waikato Times on February 9, is a person who has clearly chosen to live the life of the homeless.

His fixed-term deposits of, allegedly, tens of thousands of dollars, are easily broken to withdraw, with a small loss of interest. Possibly a mental disorder exists, but perhaps not.

The main point I am making is that the Waikato Times, with this article on the front page no less, is detracting from the reality of the genuinely homeless. There are also all those trapped in the dire circumstances of living in the "boarding" type hostels of Hamilton (and New Zealand). [They are] charged an exorbitant rent for a tiny room - the landlords of these places clearly exploit their tenants - [and things are] infinitely worse because of the inadequate accommodation supplement from WINZ.

Having lived in these types of scenarios, I know intimately that the whole situation is a gross, appalling example of disempowerment and inequality - New Zealand at its worse. To extricate yourself from the depths of homeless with no money or resources and no real support, practical or otherwise, is hideously difficult, and impossible for many.

The Gilded Tramp can walk away from this at his leisure.