We want the best for every mother and every baby

We are a nationwide charitable trust of hundreds of maternity consumers and their supporters, who believe that the current maternity service can be improved. Details about our work and many of our families' stories may be found on our website aim.org.nz, and we also have a strong presence on Facebook.

We are aware of the debate arising from the item on the front page of your Saturday, April 27, edition, regarding the deaths of a mother and baby involving Huntly Birthcare last May. We're assuming that we are in fact the "uninformed and obsessive lobbyists with a long held agenda to undermine midwives in New Zealand" mentioned in the NZ College of Midwives media release relating to your news item.

We are not anti-midwife (as you will see from our website), neither are we obsessed - merely determined that every woman and every baby should have the best and safest possible outcome through the birth process. And rest assured that certainly, we are not uninformed.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone of what must always remain the absolute priority here, and that is the grieving families at the heart of this story.


Action to Improve Maternity, founder