Has your Fonterra milk curdled too?

03:39, Jul 25 2013
Milk bottle
Fonterra says this ight-proof plastic bottle is their 'greatest innovation ever'.

On July 14 I bought four two-litre bottles of Anchor milk in the new non-see through containers. The use-by date was July 20.

I drove straight home and put three in the freezer and one in the fridge.

We opened it the next day and it was curdled. We got one of the frozen ones out of the freezer and let it defrost, again - totally curdled.

I rang Fonterra and was politely offered a voucher to compensate.

I asked if this problem had been noted before and the woman I spoke to said she was "not allowed to answer that question" and then went on to suggest that Pak 'n Save was to blame for perhaps having left the milk in a warm environment for too long.

I defrosted the last two bottles and yes, they too were curdled.


Later, I took all four bottles (three still full of curdled milk) back to Pak 'n Save, Clarence St, and put to them Fonterra's accusation.

They said that when they received all milk it was immediately kept chilled in the refrigerators.

However, they replaced the milk no questions asked and then told me that they had been inundated with this problem since the introduction of the new bottles.

Is Fonterra putting their heads in the sand over this? Perhaps it's time Fonterra relook at their new bottle design.

It's OK to admit a mistake has been made.