Um, Te Rapa has tourists too

23:39, Jan 19 2014

So Hamilton Central Business Association manager Sandy Turner thinks it is ludicrous to sell legal highs in the CBD but not ludicrous to shift it to Te Rapa?

Well, Ms Turner, Te Rapa businesses do not want them either. I suggest you go for a walk around Te Rapa, Ms Turner. You may be surprised to see there are schoolchildren and tourists.

Te Rapa has lots of areas that people would be highly offended if the riff-raff that frequent these stores were allowed to congregate in some of the small out of the way parks, alleyways etc that is Te Rapa. And tradespeople also do get offended if people defecate in the streets, swear and abuse others, not just young mums with babies.

We are all Nimbys, but pushing the problem out of the city is not the answer.

With more than 90 per cent of respondents to a poll on the sale of legal highs saying we don't want any shops in our city, it is truly ludicrous (to quote Ms Turner) that as a city we cannot say no. What happens if we did say not here in Hamilton? According to the council, we cannot say no and that is absolutely ridiculous.

The council has the power to tell us what we can do in our own homes, where we can go, what we can do in public, etc, but cannot ban shops selling rubbish like these legal drugs? It beggars belief.

(Abridged) SUE O'NEILL