Fairfield Falcons kicked out of club competition

23:32, Jul 07 2014

A Waikato rugby league team is appealing a decision to kick it out of a local club competition.

The Fairfield Falcons were eliminated from the Waikato league competition by the Waikato Rugby League (WRL) board after fielding players who were "out of order".

Fairfield Falcons manager Aroha Enoka said they had taken the decision to the Upper Central Zone (UCZ) board.

UCZ General Manger Sasho Stosic said he was aware of the bid by the Falcons to revise the decision made by the WRL board.

New Zealand Rugby League has a constitution for players but it was more of a guideline and Stosic said every region operated differently.

In league, "out of order" refers to players who have not been registered, have not met transfer-clearance requirements or are not playing in the appropriate age group.

The UCZ board met Waikato league clubs, staff and referees last night to discuss the issue, future WRL structure and competition.

Carol Ogle, manager of the Hornets schoolboys team, managed the premiers until they merged with College Old Boys this season. She said the meeting discussed opportunities for WRL and she was worried introducing competitions such as the Waicoa Bay Competition would mean "clubs would lose their identity".

Donna-Lee Biddle is a journalism student at Wintec.