Golfers green about 77-year-old's feat

07:57, Feb 21 2013
John Paviour-Smith
Pick that out: John Paviour-Smith takes his ball from the third hole at Horhsam Downs after his second hole-in-one in five days.

There may not be much to envy about John Paviour-Smith's golf swing, or his handicap.

But there's plenty of golfers green about the 77-year-old's feat of two hole-in-ones in a week.

The Hamilton hacker produced two aces within five days at the Horsham Downs club last week, backing up the first of his short golfing career last Tuesday with another on Saturday.

Paviour-Smith, who plays three times a week off a 33 handicap, didn't get to see either of his magic moments however.

His first came on the 167-yard par 3 first hole while playing with a group of friends.

''It was a pretty good shot - I saw it head off low towards the green and I thought 'oh, that's alright'.


''The guys had spread theirs everywhere and went looking for them so I went looking for mine and couldn't find it. I looked in the bunkers as that's where I usually am but it wasn't there, so I thought being dry it might have gone right through the back of the green.

''So I went round the back and hunted there, and then one of my mates who'd been in the bunker put his shot close to the pin and then said 'hey, look in here'' and there it was.''

Saturday's success came at the 143-yard par three third.

''I thought it might not be far away, but because the green is in a dip you can't see it,'' Paviour-Smith said.

''There was a group standing on the nearby tee. Suddenly they all started yelling out, jumping up and down and carrying on.

''I wondered what the hell was going on, and one of the guys said 'it's gone in the hole!'''

Paviour-Smith only took up the game eight years ago and is self-effacing about his ability.

''I'm not a good golfer,'' he said.

''I don't hit the ball far, so even on the short holes I hit a driver,

''One of my mates who's been playing for 45 years was complaining that he'd had one in all that time and I got two in a week.''