Shirtless Sevens haka in the rain goes viral

ONE TO REMEMBER: Stadium in Hong Kong lights up for NZ Sevens team as they perform a haka after winning the title.
ONE TO REMEMBER: Stadium in Hong Kong lights up for NZ Sevens team as they perform a haka after winning the title.

The New Zealand Sevens team's popularity is soaring after a images of their haka following victory at the Hong Kong Sevens went viral.

More than 3000 news websites picked up photos and video as the New Zealand Sevens boys removed their shirts and performed a celebratory haka in the rain.

That was after a 26-7 victory over England in the Hong Kong Sevens final.

Evidently, the result didn't actually matter to international media, it was the haka that did. Mashable had a story on the haka shared nearly 50,000 times, under the headline 'New Zealand Rugby Team Dances Shirtless in the Rain, and It's Glorious'.

''Rugby is officially your new favorite sport. You're welcome,'' the story read. ''After beating out England 26-7, the guys stripped off their shirts and performed the traditional Haka dance in the rain.''

E! Online also had the story, but provided a warning for readers. ''Warning: Video Contains Lots of Abs!''

''Over the weekend, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team beat England, 26-7, and won the Hong Kong Sevens Tournament. But really, we all won. Because they celebrated by dancing.


''In the rain.


New Zealand Rugby's social media accounts had record traffic because of the Hong Kong haka.

They reported on that an image of the haka shared on the All Blacks Facebook page was seen by just under 600,000 people, attracting 23,046 likes, 1,838 shares and 314 comments.

The New Zealand Sevens account @nz7s gained more than 500 followers, up to more than 7000, while the All Blacks twitter account gained 2000 fans.

Hashtags #Haka, #HongKong7s, #AllBlacks and #Rainingmen were trending for more than 24 hours on twitter after the haka.

New Zealand's Scott Curry said he was surprised by the reaction from around the world to the Hong Kong haka.

"I think it was a combination of the rain and the lighting and that, it did look pretty cool,'' he said."I've seen the odd photo on Facebook, but I didn't realise it was that big."

He said that some of the sevens boys could be popular with ladies around the world, but said most of the team is taken.

"I showed my partner the photo and she thought it was pretty cool. I don't think she realises how big it's got.

"Maybe this'll help some of the single boys out."

The sevens team are taking a well earned break before heading to Scotland and England for the final two legs of the IRB Sevens World Series next month.

They lead the series on 136 points, seven points ahead of South Africa in second.