Triathlon NZ announces new Cambridge centre

04:29, Jan 31 2013

Triathlon New Zealand has confirmed the new velodrome venue on the outskirts of Cambridge for its National High Performance Centre (NHPC), with Cambridge to be the focal point for the sport's High Performance Programme.

"The NHPC will provide the complete professional development for generations of Kiwi triathletes aspiring to achieve success on the Olympic stage,'' said TNZ High Performance Director Graeme Maw.

''It will be the complete 'academy for triathlon excellence' focused of course on training allied with education in sporting skills and culture, academic support, and personal development."

The venue was chosen ahead of fellow contenders Nelson and Christchurch, with Maw saying Cambridge offered excellent training in all three disciplines (swimming, cycling and running) and ''has an outstanding high performance culture ringing throughout its community''.

The country's top triatheltes won't be based at the NHPC but will visit on a regular basis throughout the year for training camps and planning sessions.

Waipa District Mayor Alan Livingston was delighted with the new tenant.


"Cambridge and Waipa District is thrilled that Tri NZ's National High Performance Centre is to be located in Cambridge.

"Their presence will provide an economic benefit for the region and further vindicates the investment by a number of organisations into facilities including Mighty River Domain, the Avantidrome, new pool at St Peter's, an excellent roading network, and the development of some excellent cycling and running trails.  As well they will provide a high incentive to youth of the Waikato region."

Home of Cycling Chairman Simon Perry was also pleased with the decision.

"Triathlon is a great fit for us because like cycling, their elite and development athletes will inspire everyday people to get out there and have a go at swimming, running and cycling events - the inspiration and motivation they bring to young children can't be underestimated,'' Perry said.

''It's a fantastic cycle of success breeding success and it's simply a great news story for everyone in our region".

"TriNZ's decision supports what we've known all along - that the Waikato region is a world class base for nurturing and developing New Zealand's next generation of champions. We have outstanding facilities, an incredible natural environment and most importantly, a culture of success.

''It is great to have it acknowledged that the Cambridge and Waipa area offered the best overall training environment for triathletes.''

Waikato Times