Talented teen faced with host of options

To say Jordan Wilson enjoys sport would be an understatement.

The 17-year-old participates in football and cricket for his school and club, plays futsal, and even gets involved in volleyball at a social level.

“I pretty much enjoy sports more than my school work,” Wilson says.

“It's what I like doing and it's what I enjoy most.”

The year 13 student, who is also the deputy head boy at Melville High School, said his passion for sport came early.

He recalled playing with his older brother James, and spending time with him hitting or kicking a ball around.

“When my brother started playing football and cricket, I went outside with him and started hitting a ball around.

“From there, all we did was go down to the park, or into the backyard and just kick and throw a ball between us.”

Wilson is the captain of his school's first XI football side and has also represented Waikato-Bay of Plenty's under-19 futsal side this year, yet he is still unsure which sport he would like to fully pursue.

For him it is a toss-up between football and cricket but he said he relishes the chance to play both and it's too hard to choose one.

“Right now it's between cricket and football, I just have to decide which I like most.

“I can still keep playing both at a high level until I leave school, then I might have to decide from there which direction I want to go in.

“I enjoy both [sports] too much to let one go right now.”

A staunch Liverpool supporter, Wilson's role model is Steven Gerrard while he also admires former Black Caps captain Daniel Vettori.

After initially giving up representative cricket a couple of years ago, Wilson hopes to trial again for the Hamilton under-18 cricket team.

However, long-term he aims to push for high honours in whichever sport he chooses to pursue.

“That's the goal in the end; I want to get to the best standard of sport that I can in my life. It'll be hard, but if I can get there it would be pretty good.”

With the winter sports season drawing to an end, Wilson now plans to focus on achieving his NCEA level 3 qualification.

Waikato Times