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Police defend role in Bali 9 arrests

AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin (centre), AFP Deputy Commissioner Mike Phelan (left) and AFP Deputy Commissioner Leanne Close (right) address the media on the organisation's work during the Bali Nine investigation.

The Australian Federal Police say it wasn't in a position to arrest any of the drug gang before they left Australia.

Citizenship for sale?

Buying the right to immigrate to Australia is one proposal considered by Aussie government think-tank.

Sinkhole threatens Sydney apartments

Five-year-old among flooding dead


Gunmen dead in Texas

A police officer seeks witnesses to the shooting outside of the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative in Garland, Texas.

Police shot two gunmen dead after an attack at an anti-Islam art show in Garland, Texas.

Baltimore curfew lifted

Baltimore's mayor lifts curfew imposed on the city last week to stem a spate of looting and arson.

Councillor Rachael Jonrowe was unable to hold back her laughter.

Politician's mic catches him peeing video

Texas council member takes toilet break mid-meeting, but forgets his microphone's still on.


No refuge at The Church

Sunday services are shutting down.

Notorious London party bar, frequented by Kiwis, is closing down.

3700 migrants rescued video

Nearly 3,700 migrants were rescued from boats near the coast of Libya.

Jailed pedophile Rolf Harris has been stripped of the CBE the Queen awarded him nearly a decade ago.

Bid to clear Rolf's name

Rolf Harris's daughter, Bindi Nicholls, has backed a petition calling for her father's child sex abuse convictions to be reviewed.

middle east

Ethiopian Israelis clash with police video

A protester, who is an Israeli Jews of Ethiopian origin, is detained by policemen during a demonstration against what they say is police racism and brutality, after the emergence last week of a video clip that showed policemen shoving and punching a black soldier in a protest at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv May 3, 2015. Israeli mounted police charged hundreds of ethnic Ethiopian citizens and fired stun grenades on Saturday to try to clear one of the most violent protests in memory in the heart of Tel Aviv. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Israeli police fired stun grenades on Ethiopian citizens to try to clear one of the most violent protests in memory in Tel Aviv.

Woman sets car on fire at petrol station video

Caught on video - a woman gets her revenge on this motorist by setting his car on fire as he's filling it up. But why?

An angry mob after they set fire to household items belonging to a minority Ahmadi Muslim resident in the low-income Arafat Colony in Gujranwala, some 112 kilometres north of Lahore.

Dozens tried for mob killing

Dozens of Afghan men faced trial over the mob killing of a 27-year-old woman accused of burning a Koran.


Mass grave: No signs of violent death video

Rescue workers recover human remains from an abandoned camp in Thailand's southern Songkhla province May 1, 2015. Dozens of police and volunteers have exhumed 26 bodies at a mass grave near the suspected human trafficking camp on a hillside deep in a southern Thai jungle, police said on Saturday. Picture taken May 1, 2015.  REUTERS/ Daily News   ATTENTION EDITORS - NO SALES. NO ARCHIVES. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THAILAND OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN THAILAND

Initial forensic examinations on 26 bodies exhumed at a mass grave in southern Thailand find no signs of violent death.

3 found alive after quake

Two women and a man have been rescued alive in north-eastern Nepal.

Collapsed buildings in the Thamel district.

101-year-old pulled from rubble

A 101-year-old man has been pulled alive from the rubble of his house in Nepal, seven days after it collapsed in the deadly earthquake.


Ethiopians react to ISIS attack

The Ethiopian Community of Auckland gathered at Wesley Community Centre on May 3 to acknowledge the 28 Ethiopians killed by ISIS in Libya.

A memorial service was held on May 3 to honour the nearly 30 Ethiopians killed by terrorist group ISIS in Libya.

Boko Haram captivity horror video

Boko Haram fighters killed men in front of their families before taking women and children into the forest where many died of hunger and disease.

More than 3700 migrants were rescued from boats off the Libyan coast at the weekend

3700 migrants rescued video

Nearly 3,700 migrants were rescued from boats near the coast of Libya.

south pacific

Cyclone 'will bring major event'

Yasu, an elder of the John Frum movement, outside his home in Tanna, Vanuatu.

Vanuatu's cargo cults are watching keenly and triumphantly as aid flows into cyclone-hit country.

Protesters leave oil rig

Auckland protester back at sea-level after a five-day Greenpeace protest up an oil rig in the Pacific Ocean.

earthquake, seismic

6.5 quake hits off Fiji

A 6.5-magnitude quake has struck off the north east coast of Fiji.


Around 6800 migrants rescued

Around 6800 migrants were rescued from overcrowded boats crossing to Europe over the weekend, including a mother who gave birth.

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