Nepal's animal slaughter begins

A participant stands amid cattle as the slaughter begins.

10:44 PM  Despite protests, Hindu worshippers slaughter thousands of animals in remote corner of Nepal to honour their goddess.

Japan paper sorry for 'sex slave'

Pedestrians and cars move along the main street of the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan,

10:51 PM  Japan's biggest newspaper apologises for use of the term "sex slave" to describe women who worked in WWII brothels.

Ferguson protesters target sales

A protestor marches with a sign after a gathering to show solidarity with the family of black teenager Michael Brown outside the American Embassy in London November 26, 2014. 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot to death by policeman Darren Wilson on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Missouri.

Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri began targeting Black Friday sales at major retailers in a new tactic to vent their anger.

Pope to set foot in Turkey

Pope Francis is to visit Turkey for the first time.

Pope Francis is set to visit to Turkey in a challenging trip aimed at building bridges with Islam.

Obama's Africa plan lacking

DIM START: Barack Obama's energy plan for Africa has left some people disappointed.

Barack Obama last year said a $7bn plan to "Power Africa" would bring "light where currently there is darkness".

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Alleged rape in Nauru

A file picture of asylum seekers on Nauru.

An asylum seeker woman in Nauru has alleged she was raped twice by a male asylum seeker.

Queensland storm injures 38

A supercell storm which hit Brisbane injured 39 people and damaged at least 1000 homes.

No debris found in MH370 search

Police 'not trigger happy'


Murderer's goodbye to Rio video

CAPTURED: Phillip John Smith, pictured as he was passing through Auckland Airport on his way out of the country.

Recaptured paedophile Phillip Smith made a final obscene gesture before boarding plane to NZ.

Mexico anti-crime measures

President vows to reform police, battle organised crime.

Assistant manager at a Northern California Burger King finds a backpack loaded with about NZ$127,000.

BK employee finds $127,000

Assistant manager at Northern California Burger King finds backpack loaded with about NZ$127,000.


Cameron to curb immigrants

British Prime Minister David Cameron plans to limit immigration from the EU ahead of the UK's general election.

British Prime Minister David Cameron plans to limit immigration from the EU ahead of election.

'Plebs' libel case lost

Former minister in David Cameron's government loses libel case over a newspaper article which said he had insultingly referred to police as "plebs".

The 23,000 year-old limestone 'Venus' discovered up in France.

Paleolithic-era sculpture

A limestone statuette of a shapely woman some 23,000 years old has been discovered in northern France.

middle east

'What will become of her?'

HAUNTING EYES: A girl from the minority Yazidi sect rests on the Iraqi-Syrian border after fleeing violence in Sinjar, in this August 13, 2014 file photo.

Sometimes, a surprising photo will stay with a photojournalist all too familiar with suffering.

US trying to kill French radical

French officials say David Drugeon is a 24-year-old former truck driver and no "James Bond". So why is the US so determined to blow him up?

An Afghan boy plays on a rooftop overlooking Kabul. Aid to Afghanistan is heavily dependent on a democratic transition.

Suicide bomber hits convoy video

Suicide bomber attacks British embassy vehicle in the Afghan capital, killing five people including one Briton.


Kim Jong-Un's sister on rise

AIDE: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is often seen with his sister at official events.

North Korea reveals that Kim Jong-Un's younger sister holds the title of a senior party official, confirming her rise through the ranks.

HK student leader banned

Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong was banned from a large area in Mong Kok as a condition of bail.

SILK: The sale broke the world record for any Chinese work of art sold by an international auction house.

Tibetan tapestry fetches record $75m

An ancient Tibetan silk tapestry set a world record for Chinese art when it was sold for $57m at auction.


UN peacekeepers desert Mali post

Soldiers from the UN. peacekeeping mission in Mali.

Three dozen UN peacekeepers desert, complaining that supplies including food and water were slow to reach them.

5000 doc call for Ebola fight video

European Commission calls for 5000 doctors to be sent to combat Africa's Ebola epidemic, a European source has claimed.


Ebola cases near 16,000

The death toll in the world's worst Ebola epidemic has risen to 5689 out of 15,935 cases.

south pacific

Tonga sends Kiwi cop home

Tonga’s police commissioner Grant O’Fee has been pushed out of his job.

Second New Zealander serving as Tonga’s police commissioner kicked out.

China eyeing off Antarctica

Summer will see China install a fifth station in Antarctica under the Antarctic Treaty.

Scientists say they are seeing more seals trying to mate with penguins, but can't understand why.

Seal-penguin rape 'increasing'

Seals are increasingly forcing penguins into sex and occasionally killing them once they get their sexual release.


Murderer's goodbye to Rio

Recaptured paedophile Phillip Smith made a final obscene gesture before boarding plane to NZ.