Nathaniel Kibby

Arrest for nine-month kidnapping

She finally came home after being missing for nine months. Her mother knew she hadn't run away.

US: Russia violated nuke treaty

12:30pm Moscow has violated the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty, according to the US government.

Hundreds of white powder letters

Texas man charged with sending hundreds of letters containing what what was believed to be anthrax.

This is life in Gaza City

GRAPHIC IMAGES: These photos are hard enough to bear, but they only hint at what life is like in Gaza.

Mosul fights back

In a rare show of defiance residents in an Iraqi city stood up to those wanting to erase their culture and heritage.

Shot in the face 5 times, 'lucky'

Three bullets remain lodged in James Meyers' flesh and bone; yet he is happy to be alive.

MH17 mission thwarted

International police team fail to reach crash site of Malaysian Airlines plane for a second day as clashes rage in nearby town.

Marriage, not war, on agenda

Asylum seekers want compensation

Hope for 'wiser minds' in Texas

California Governor Jerry Brown. California Governor Jerry Brown takes a not-so-subtle dig at Texas' decision to deploy National Guard troops to the border.

Nicaragua's First Lady

Daniel Ortega might be president, but it's his bejewelled, mystic wife who calls the shots.

Pointing fingers as the world burns

Plane crash lands on man

Sanctions put Russia under fire

US and Europe agree to impose wider sanctions on Russia in the wake of MH17 attack.

Trying to stop a world war

telegrams strap Two cousins locked in a "doomsday machine" try and fail to avoid a global catastrophe.

Giant bum farts at France

An idiosyncratic British inventor has off a flatulent noise across the English channel.

Russia 'fired rockets into Ukraine'

Town's landmarks blown up

Strange captivity in Ukraine

After pointless questioning, amateur militants gave me a bizarre glimpse of their world.

'What is coming will be worse'

Gaza Israel's prime minister is warning the country faces a prolonged campaign against Hamas.

UN demands ceasefire

UN Security Council calls for "an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire" in Gaza war. | Pope's plea for peace

Both sides resume fighting

Kiwi's death by drone

Mob kills woman, grandkids

Rioters burned down homes and killed a woman and her two granddaughters over rumours of Facebook blasphemy.

Abu Sayyaf kill 18 in road attack

Abu Sayyaf gunmen opened fire on two vans, killing 18 people in a bloody attack in the Philippines.

Typhoon kills 13 in China

A typhoon has killed 13 people in China and left thousands in need of basic living supplies.

Worst affected MH17 countries meet

Ferry death a mystery

Teens describe harrowing escape

Six teenagers who survived South Korea's worst maritime disaster have described how they escaped the sinking ship.

Rush for answers after Ebola death

Ebola No one knows for sure just how many people Patrick Sawyer came into contact with the day he boarded a flight in Liberia.

Ebola outbreak infecting doctors

The world's deadliest Ebola outbreak is infecting health care workers and forcing nations to close border crossings.

Boko Haram in high-profile kidnap

Weather likely cause of crash

All you need to know about ebola

This is the worst ebola outbreak in history. Here's why you should be worried.

'No ill will' over death

Police The family of former detective Joshua Liava'a says they hold "no ill will" against the relative accused of their father's murder.

Nina search 'poorly managed'

Families of seven people lost in the Tasman when their yacht vanished have criticised New Zealand's search.

Nina searchers praised

Wait continues for Bainimarama's visa

Round-the-world teen pilot killed

Teenager on fundraising around-the-world-in-30-days tour killed and his father missing after their plane crashed.

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