'Extermination' in Syrian jails

Thousands of prisoners have died - and many have been executed.

4:11 AM  Torture and mass deaths behind bars amount to crimes against humanity, United Nations says.

Restaurant nearly falls into lake

Two workers were inside the restaurant when it partially collapsed.

A popular restaurant in New South Wales has partially collapsed into Lake Macquarie.

Girl survives in quake rubble video

Rescuers carry a survivor out from the site where a 17-storey apartment building collapsed.

3:03 AM  After more than 60 hours buried in a collapsed apartment building in Taiwan, an eight-year-old is rescued.

Not your usual class pet video

The leopard mauled six people at the school.

3:11 AM  Leopard on the loose in an Indian school injured six people before a tranquiliser dart kicked in.

IRA attacks boxing event

A man was killed and two others injured when militants opened fire at a Dublin hotel.

4:29 AM  Irish nationalists say fatal shooting at a Dublin hotel was payback for an ally's 2012 death.

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Adventurous ewe finds its way home video

Barbie the adventurous sheep returns home with 20kg of overgrown fleece

Two years after going missing, Barbie the intrepid ewe returns. But what she got up to is anyone's guess.

Narau asylum seekers 'have cancer' video

The first returns could potentially be made "within days", Australia's Immigration Department chief says.

Rapist boasts and jokes about exploits video

'It was as big as the boat' video


Lizard in salad becomes class pet

An American chameleon which was hiding in a child's salad has become the pet of a class in Riverside Elementary School, New Jersey.

Science teacher seizes learning opportunity after lizard is found hiding in a kindergarten child's salad greens.

Sinkhole swallows car in Peru video

The five metre-wide chasm swallowed a car, trapping a family inside.

The "Johnny Cash" tarantula, or Aphonopelma johnnycashi, is one of 14 new species of tarantulas identified.

Meet the Johnny Cash tarantula

If one bites you, it will burn, burn, burn like a ring of fire.


Food banks to receive unsold food

Big supermarket chains in France must donate goods no longer fit for sale to charities or farms for use as animal feed or compost.

A new anti-food waste law will require large French supermarkets to donate unsold food to charities or farms.

Second British IS cell member identified

A member of a British group of IS militants dubbed "the Beatles" is identified as a 32-year-old Londoner.

Washing up in a south London slum in the early 1970s.

The '60s weren't swinging for everyone gallery

Photos that have freshly shocked Britain show how hard life in that exalted age could be.

middle east

Second British IS cell member identified

A 32-year-old Londoner, Alexanda Kotey, is the second member of a IS cell according to reports.

A member of a British group of IS militants dubbed "the Beatles" is identified as a 32-year-old Londoner.

Boy burned alive: Teens jailed video

The abduction, bludgeoning, strangling and burning alive of 16-year-old Palestinian helped trigger 2014 Gaza war.


A chilling flight through Syria's streets video

Shattered buildings, overturned cars, empty streets - this drone footage shows reality of four years of war.


Taiwan quake toll likely to triple

Rescue worker use a crane to transport a victim found in the rubble at the Wei-guan apartment complex.

More than 100 missing and 37 confirmed dead in quake, with number of casualties likely to cross 100, says Tainan mayor.

N Korean patrol boat crosses to South

The boat retreated after the South Korean navy fired warning shots. Meanwhile, the US could up its defences.

The dojo aims to keep the secrets of the ancient art alive.

What goes on in ninja school video

The first secret of ninja school: It's best to stay on your teacher's good side.


Bombed plane's pilot slams 'zero' security video

The plane's pilot says there is "zero" security at Somalian airports.

Somalian airport security under attack after bomb tore a hole in plane's side, where a passenger was sucked out to his death.

Somali plane 'hit by bomb' video

A blast that punched a hole in the fuselage of a plane was meant to kill everyone on board, Somalian minister says.

Ken and Jocelyn Elliott were captured by al-Qaeda in Burklina Faso.

Kidnapped Aussie freed by al-Qaeda video

Al-Qaeda frees Jocelyn Elliott after three weeks, but her husband Ken is still captive.

south pacific

Tonga declares Zika outbreak

The country has no plans to issue travel restrictions yet.

Five cases of the mosquito-borne illness have been confirmed in the South Pacific island-nation.

Asylum kids' extreme trauma

Children from Australia's Nauru detention centre amongst most traumatised specialists had ever seen.

Cameras dropped 45m into the volcano crater showed several species living in the "hostile" waters.

'Sharkcano' - it's sharks in a volcano

They don't have laser beams attached to their heads, but these sharks are living in an active volcano.


Not your usual class pet

Leopard on the loose in an Indian school injured six people before a tranquiliser dart kicked in.

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