Judge to victim: Marry your rapist

Asha* and her daughter in the garden in southern India. She is determined not to give in.

A High Court judge has thrown a rape victim into turmoil with just three words.

Tonga crowns its new king

King Tupou VI has been crowned King of Tonga.

2:50 PM  Tupou VI has been formally crowned King of Tonga in front of thousands of people.

Rabbitohs star for gay marriage

Thomas Burgess of the Rabbitohs thinks those who oppose gay marriage in Australia "just need to get over it".

"Nowadays, anyone can love anyone. And people just need to get over it," says league star Burgess.

Swimming in rubbish for $1.65

A boy sifts through floating garbage as he collects recyclable materials in a polluted river at Navotas city.

In a river of rubbish, a young boy reaches past an old jandal to an object that may be worth a few cents.

Feral fox traps patrons

One of the people trapped in the club took a picture of the fox from the window.

Eight trapped for three hours by a "vicious" fox, which foiled escape efforts and scared pest controller.

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Abbott 'blocking gay marriage'

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon says same-sex marriage laws will pass the lower house if the prime minister gets out of the way.

Shark feast caught on camera video

Footage shows sharks feeding on a dead whale just off the NSW coast.

Crows' Walsh found dead, son on murder charge

Construcion of big wind turbines begins


Solar-powered plane breaks record video

Solar Impulse 2, a solar powered airplane attempting a round-the-world flight, flies over Nagoya Airport.

A plane powered by the sun's rays lands in Hawaii after a record-breaking five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Sisters jump to escape flames video

Trapped in their burning home, two sisters in the US state of Georgia had few options but to take a leap of faith.


Measles death in US

Autopsy reveals a woman in Washington state died from measles, the first measles death in the US since 2003.


France denies Julian Assange's asylum request

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

France rejected a request for asylum by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Brits stand silent for Tunisian dead

Millions of Britons held a minute's silence to pay tribute to 30 countrymen killed a week ago by an Islamist gunman in Tunisia.

A woman puts up a referendum campaign poster reading "Yes to Greece, yes to the Euro" in Athens.

Thousands rally, 'yes' camp takes slim lead

Thousands of Greeks stage rival rallies ahead of a weekend referendum that may decide the country's Euro future.

middle east

Syria's lost generation

Injured children rest in a field hospital, after what activists claim were two air strikes by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

Before Syria's war, nearly all its children went to school. Now, they're carrying guns, selling fuel, harvesting potatoes, repairing shoes.

Saudi prince gives away $30b

Imagine being so rich you could just happily give it all away.

Ghazal, 4, (L) and Judy, 7, carrying 8-month-old Suhair, react after what activists said was shelling by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad near the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Child labour on the rise in Syria

The number of Syrian children being forced to work keeps growing as the conflict drags on.


Swimming in rubbish for $1.65 a day

A boy sifts through floating garbage as he collects recyclable materials in a polluted river at Navotas city.

Swimming amid a polluted river of rubbish, a young boy reaches past an old jandal to an object that may be worth a few cents.

Baby floats 1km out to sea gallery

Family forgets 10-month-old is in the water, as she drifts off toward Greece.

That's one giant dog. Owner mistakes his new Asian black bears (also called Moon bears) for puppies.

Pet dogs turn out to be... bears

The owner didn't blink an eyelid at his unusual 'puppies', until they grew up.


Boko Haram gunmen kill 'many' in Nigeria attack

FILE -This Monday, May 12, 2014, file photo taken from video by Nigeria's Boko Haram terrorist network, shows their leader Abubakar Shekau speaking to the camera. Shekau has allegedly made a formal allegiance to the Islamic State on Saturday, March 7, 2015, in an Arabic audio message with English subtitles and was posted on Twitter, according to the SITE Intelligence monitoring service. (AP Photo, File)

Suspected Boko Haram insurgents shot dead possibly as many as 97 in a town in northeast Nigeria.

Islamic State attack in Egypt's North Sinai kills 70

Islamic State insurgents attack military checkpoints in Egypt's North Sinai in a co-ordinated assault in which at least 70 were killed.

Smoke rises in Egypt's North Sinai as seen from the border of southern Gaza Strip with Egypt.

Egyptian air strikes kill 23 militants

Egypt launched air strikes on Islamist militant targets in the Sinai peninsula, killing 23 fighters.

south pacific

5.8-magnitude quake hits near Solomons

The tremor was recorded south-east of Kirakira.

Earthquake south-east off the Solomon Islands, but there are no reports of damage yet.

Kiwis rescued from fiery yacht

Two Kiwis escaped burning yacht in just underwear and life jackets.

A dramatic moment in the rescue.

Saved from burning yacht in Pacific gallery

As the last man was lifted to safety, the rope snapped and the raft fell into the darkness.


Kiwi to take on US hot dog champ

Kiwi model and avid eater Nela Zisser says she can out-eat the men at the annual July Fourth hot dog eating contest in New York.

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