Another beheading video

Beheading claim

Islamic State militants release a video showing the beheading of another US journalist.

Family under scrutiny

An American citizen is among the 30 members of a Palestinian family to be arrested by Israeli security forces.

Fiji goes to the polls

For the first time in eight and a half years, Fijians are voting in a democracy-restoring general election.

More US troops in Baghdad

Barack Obama has ordered about 350 more troops to Baghdad to protect the US Embassy in the Iraqi capital.

Sudan pushes back

Ties between Sudan and Iran seem to be fraying, as cultural centres are closed and a diplomat sent home.

Abuse of twins alleged

The Australian father of surrogate twins from Thailand has reportedly been charged with abusing them.

Cat meows to save owner

 Move over Lassie, the new hero in town is Sally the cat who saved her owner from his burning home.

Kiwi connection in incest case

New Zealand outpaces Australia

Divided over Ferguson killing

Many are convinced there was no justification for a police officer to kill Michael Brown. Many others are certain it was justifiable.

Remembering a rare bird

She was once among billions. But Martha died alone, a victim of humanity's thoughtlessness.

Caracas 'railroading' figure

Air strike orders

Three dead in shooting

A quiet south Kansas City cul-de-sac with many older residents was the scene of the city's worst multiple killing in more than two years.

Boy's parents released

Spanish judge orders immediate release British parents for taking their seriously ill child out of hospital.

More Russian troops in Ukraine

Russian troops are strengthening their positions in eastern Ukraine and smuggling in arms to separatist forces, Kiev's military says.

Kiev hits Russian 'aggression'

Scots narrow the gap

Vow 'taken out of context'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly boasted that he could conquer Kiev in two weeks if he wanted.

Hamas' support grows

Popularity of Hamas militant group among Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip spikes significantly.

Land grab provokes anger

Israeli appropriation of nearly 1000 acres of land prompts criticism from the US and protests from Palestinians.

Back to school after war

Two-month siege broken

Iraq and Syria: the situation in six maps

What are the forces at work in Iraq and Syria that have brought us to the current conflict?

Detained Americans seek help

Rare interviews with US media for detained Americans in North Korea may signal an attempt by Pyongyang to reopen a long-stalled dialogue.

Pakistan protests spread

Pakistan anti-government protesters storm the state TV building, taking station briefly off air.

Hong Kong braced for protests

China to control HK candidates

Airport bomb plot thwarted

Three men have been arrested after plotting to bomb Manila's international airport and a nearby mall.

US strike targets leader

Unknown if US air strike in Somalia targeting Islamist militant group al Shabaab leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane, succeeds.

Separate Ebola outbreak

The death toll from an outbreak of the Ebola virus in northern Democratic Republic of Congo has risen to 31.

Boko Haram captures town

Ebola threatens food security

Ebola threat grows

World's worst Ebola outbreak seen as threatening the stability of affected and neighbouring countries.

Fiji soldiers 'unharmed'

An al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebel group has this morning tweeted a picture of at least 38 of the 44 Fiji soldiers they are holding prisoner

PNG volcano quietens

PNG's volcano is spewing fragments from its crater and rumbling loudly, but its activity appears to be subsiding.

Volcano erupts in PNG

Rights group probes video

Fiji prays for peacekeepers

Hundreds light candles and pray for the release of 45 Fijian peacekeepers seized in Syria.