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Brisbane's wild weather caught on camera

Lightning strike at Brisbane Airport during severe thunderstorm.

More than 20,000 Queensland homes lost power during dangerous thunderstorms.

Shane Warne defends his personal charity

Shane Warne defends his personal foundation after a report it sought to block release of records by charity regulator.

Xmas tree world record video

One dead at music festival video


Baby survives being buried alive

Police discovered the baby girl buried next to a bike path.

A pair of friends heard the baby's muffled cries coming from a hole under a Los Angeles path.

Shooter: 'No more baby parts'

Gunman suspected of killing three people at US clinic reportedly cites "no more baby parts" as reason for his actions.

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman haven't been heard from in a week.

Fears for Oz surfers in Mexico

Two bodies found in a burnt-out van amid search for missing Australians.


Epic weather disasters are here now

'The speed of climate change is proceeding even faster than we thought it would two decades ago,' says Princeton University's Bill Anderegg.

In Kyoto, 1997, climate change was an idea. Today, in Paris, we're trying to save a hotter, wetter, wilder world.

Riot police clash with Paris protesters video

Tear gas fired at climate change demonstrators amid crackdown on public demonstrations, ahead of international talks.

Six-month-old Princess Charlotte was snapped by her mum earlier this month.

New snaps of Princess Charlotte

Adorable photos of the newest addition to the royal family, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge.

middle east

Turkey will return Russia pilot's body

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says Turkey will repatriate a Russian pilot's body.

Despite being slapped with sanctions, Turkey attempts a goodwill gesture after shooting down Russian jet.

Kiwis take flight at World Air Games

Proving kiwis can fly is a freefall away for professional skydiver Chris Stewart.

The 4chan duck attack has also made liberal use of toilet brushes.

Isis replaced by rubber ducks

Isis' terror is on course to get a lot less serious thanks to 4chan users.


New hope for baby Nemo's family video

A 61-year-old woman donated her womb to the 36-year-old Swedish mother.

Senior Thai official promises to investigate Kiwi couple's embryo swap at hospital.

Kiwi family caught up in embryo swap

A mixup in a Thai hospital has left a Kiwi family with someone else's child.

Japan began what it calls scientific whaling in 1987, a year after an international whaling moratorium took effect.

Japan plans to resume whaling

Japan has decided to resume whaling in Antarctic Ocean under a revised "scientifically reasonable" plan.


Queen Nefertiti in Tut's tomb?

Confirmation of Nefertiti's final resting place would be the most remarkable Egyptian archaeological find this century.

Experts "90 per cent" sure of hidden chamber in King Tut's tomb, which may contain Egypt's lost queen.

Suicide bomber strikes in Nigeria

A male suicide bomber hit a procession of Shi'ite Muslims in Nigeria's Kano state.

The remains of people that were slain by gunmen during the recent attacks on the Radisson Blu hotel are laid out during a funeral in Bamako, Mali.

Three dead at Mali UN base

Gunmen attacked and fired rockets at a UN peacekeeping base in Kidal in northern Mali.

south pacific

Ferry capsizes in Fiji

Suva harbour.

A former Cook Strait ferry, now used as a cargo ship, has capsized off the Fijian capital Suva.

There's big money in human poo

Sitting on a gold mine? There's now a price tag on human excrement.

Vanuatu is known for its idyllic beaches, but a brutal killing has brought simmering tensions bubbling to the service.

Idyllic island life shattered by killing

A Kiwi teen will go on trial for the murder of a local youth in Vanuatu. It's a case that has brought simmering tensions bubbling to the surface.


Vehicles 'levitate' in bizarre crash

A cable caught in a street sweeper is being blamed for a bizarre incident that seemed to make three vehicles levitate.

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