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Driver 'rolls joint' in front of cop

This Perth driver allegedly rolled a joint in front of a motorbike cop.

Police released photographs of two people who appear to be putting the "silly" into silly season.

Newly engaged couple on a high

Forget Wellington on a good day, the top of Mt Taranaki on a good day is enough to bring a man to one knee.

Terror suspect 'watched for years'

Sydney terror: something was being planned


Bush snr still in hospital

George Bush snr at a White House awards ceremony in July 2013.

Former US president George Bush snr is to remain hospitalised in Texas as a precaution.

Drunken crash into ex-husband's home

Woman crashes car through estranged husband's front door after an argument.

Distraught: Toni Martin at the scene where she says her son Antonio was fatally shot.

Teen shot near Ferguson

White policeman shoots dead an armed black man within walking distance of the street Michael Brown was killed.


Pope condemns Islamic State

URBI ET ORBI: Pope Francis waves to the faithful as he delivers his Christmas Day message from the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica.

Pope Francis has condemned the "brutal persecution" of minorities by Islamic State insurgents in his Christmas message.

Pope's surprise phone call

He was due to celebrate Christmas Eve Mass for thousands of worshippers. But first, Pope Francis wanted to deliver a personal message.

The aftermath in Glasgow after a garbage truck ploughed into Christmas shoppers.

Xmas lights out for crash victims

Christmas lights across UK have been turned off as mark of respect for the victims of Glasgow's rubbish truck crash.

middle east

Top intelligence official kidnapped

Shiite volunteers parade in a street in Kanaan, Iraq.

Yemeni security officials say suspected Shi'ite rebels have kidnapped the country's second highest intelligence official.

War damages heritage sites

Cultural heritage sites in Syria stretching back to the dawn of civilisation have been damaged by its ongoing civil war.

Pope Frances celebrates Christmas Eve mass at St Peter's in the Vatican.

Pope's surprise phone call

He was due to celebrate Christmas Eve Mass for thousands of worshippers. But first, Pope Francis wanted to deliver a personal message.


From the tsunami ruins video

indonesia tsunami

11 min ago  Rows of new houses and beautiful mosques with glittering minarets give little clue that the sleepy Indonesian of Meulaboh was at the heart of the Boxing Day Asian tsunami, highlighting the success of a multi-billion-dollar reconstruction effort.

Tranquil before the big waves

The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami smashed the Nicobar islands, killing thousands and wrecking villages.

SURVIVOR: William Morgan, 10, was swept away by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in the Seychelles and later found hanging from a tree by his nappy.

How a nappy saved little William Morgan

At six months old, William Morgan was found hanging by his nappy from a tree after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Then came the Canterbury earthquakes.


Human cost of a dread disease

Darius Bondo, a 4-year-old suspected of having Ebola, is led out of the village of Quewein by aid workers earlier this month. Darius hiked through a rain forest and crossed three rivers to get to an ambulance.

A 4-year-old suspected of having Ebola makes a perilous trek to get help.

IMF slowed Ebola response

International Monetary Fund policies have left healthcare systems in African countries underfunded.

A burnt down armoured personal carrier used by Boko haram is seen in Mubi, Nigeria on December 7.

Blast hits market in north Nigeria's Bauchi

Explosion shakes a busy market in the north Nigerian city of Bauchi, causing unknown casualties.

south pacific

Latest MH370 theory: Shot down by US

ENDURING MYSTERY: With no wreckage found, the fate of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 cannot be determined.

Just when the MH370 conspiracy line went quiet, up steps a French former airline boss with a disturbing scenario.

Priest co-ordinates pregnant woman's rescue on Facebook

Martin We-en didn't need to pray for the youths and helicopter he needed to save a woman in labour.

An agreement on tariffs could change the price of IT imports.

Heroin found in tyres

Fiji authorities have seized NZ$20 million worth of heroin in the tyres of a quad bike.


Video: Recovering from tsunami devastation

A Sri Lankan village ravaged by the Indian Ocean tsunami ten years ago looks toward a brighter future.