Russia scrutinises McDonald's

McDonald's in Russia

Russia ramped up its scrutiny of McDonald’s restaurants on Thursday, as the state food safety watchdog began unscheduled checks in several Russian regions, a day after four branches in Moscow were shuttered by the same agency.

Ferguson turmoil: No end in sight

ferguson strap Eleven days into the protests, law enforcement officials say it "has to stop". But they have no idea how to make it.

Israel targets Hamas leaders

 One hour of airstrikes in Gaza Israeli air strike kills three senior Hamas military commanders but a separate attack fails to kill the group's leader.

Rape victim denied abortion

Abortion Protesters are calling for a change to Ireland's abortion laws after a rape victim says she was refused a termination.

Life under Antarctica

Antarctica ice generic An ecosystem has been discovered under Antarctica's ice, proving water is habitable even if its freezing and there is no sunlight.

Party for Kiwi expats denied

beehive parliament The proposed new NZ party would have lobbied for access to social services on behalf of Kiwis living in Australia.

Croc death necessary

Shooting of albino-headed crocodile Michael Jackson was necessary after man killed.

Cops mum on 'bomb map'

Agreement heals bilateral rift

US top cop visits Ferguson

ferguson strap America's first black attorney general official promises "thorough and fair" probe into unarmed teen's death.

Last minute pleas for mercy

Six days before US reporter James Foley was beheaded his family tried in vain to appeal to his captors' humanity. | Covert op failed

Covert US rescue mission failed

Ice bucket pioneer drowns

Shark gets eaten in one bite

A viral video shows a Florida fisherman hooking a 1.2m black tip shark - only to have a bigger fish snap it up.

Beheader 'had London accent'

foley strap PM David Cameron rushes back to 10 Downing Street to chair emergency meetings after execution.

Iceland evacuates tourists

Authorities have evacuated tourists amid increased seismic activity around a volcano in the past few days.

Arrest in Kiwi hit-and run case

Bardarbunga the new Eyjafjallajokul?

Dozens die in Ukraine battles

Civilians and volunteer fighters were killed overnight in separate clashes in or near Donetsk.

US unyielding despite threat

sotloff strap Despite the Islamic State threatening to kill another hostage, the US launches another round of airstrikes.

Why behead a journalist?

Islamic State may justify their beheadings with theology and history but the tactic is likely driven by more immediate factors.

Slain journalist image angers

Bid to recapture Tikrit fails

Crisis at highest level

UN escalates "death mountain'' humanitarian crisis in Iraq to its highest level of emergency.

Iyengar, yoga guru, dies

Work yoga Indian yoga guru BKS Iyengar, who helped popularise yoga around the world has died at age 95.

Over a century of living

The world's oldest man, newly named, and the world's oldest woman both live in Japan.

Landslide death toll at 27

Mum, daughter's troubled past

Coup leader named PM

Thailand's hand-picked legislature has given a veneer of legitimacy to coup leader Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Ebola drug patients improve

Doctors during Ebola crisis Three Liberian health workers receiving an experimental drug to treat Ebola show signs of recovery.

Ivory demand fuels poaching spike

Poachers killed an estimated 100,000 elephants across Africa between 2010 and 2012, a new study has found.

Escaped Ebola victims hunted

Looting raises Ebola fears

Clashes at Ebola slum

Security forces in Liberia use tear gas and live rounds to seal off 50,000 people in Liberian slum.

Horror on high seas?

Fishermen being shot near Fiji A video that appears to show fishermen being murdered at sea has been posted on YouTube.

FBI helps with body in bag case

The woman killed in Bali died from asphyxiation after a blow to the nose, autopsy shows.

Shot woman counts blessings

Jury's out on Clark

Fiji investigates shooting video

Fiji police are investigating a video said to show the murder of castaways on the South Pacific high seas.

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