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Aussie police officers had Zika virus

An aedes aegypti mosquito spreads the Zika virus.

7:25 PM  Several Australian police officers returned from the Pacific with Zika virus.

'What's mansplaining, senator?'

Australian senator schooled about 'mansplaining' in firery exchange

Naked, bleeding and begging for help

Pregnant woman diagnosed with Zika


'Small victory' for Sikh man

'If I didn't say anything, if I didn't do anything, if I didn't step out of my comfort zone...   this could happen again to someone," says Waris Ahluwalia.

Indian-American actor and designer gets an apology after being barred from a flight for not removing his turban.

Christie, Fiorian drop White House bids

There are now seven Republicans from a field that once had 17 candidates.

An illustration of gravitational waves produced by two orbiting black holes.

Gravitational waves: This is big

Final piece from Einstein's theory of general relativity set to fall into place on Friday.


Catholic bishops not compelled to report sex abuse

Pope Francis Pope Francis has described child sex abuse as a scourge.

A training manual for new Catholic bishops has advised that they are "not necessarily" required to report suspected clerical child abuse to the police.

Split second became a 'year of hell'

A man brushes past a woman, their shoulders colliding briefly. It ruins his life.

A new study suggests a link between an overactive thyroid and an increase risk in break cancer.

Thyroid link to breast cancer risk

Women with an overactive thyroid have an increased risk of breast cancer, a new study suggests.

middle east

Car bomb in Syrian capital kills 10

Women walk past damaged vehicles at the site of a suicide bombing at a police officers' club in a residential district of Damascus.

Car bomb driven by a suicide attacker explodes near a police officers' club in Damascus, killing at least 10.

Wedding in a warzone gallery

The photographer wanted to show that life and love is stronger than death in Syria.

Kiwi trainers are already helping Iraqi troops at Camp Taji, but American officials are calling on all countries in the coalition to do more.

Govt heads to anti-Islamic State meeting

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee says the meeting will help guide the fight against "barbaric organisation".


Elephant goes on rampage video

People watch from a safe distance as the wild elephant moves through a street parked with motorbikes and bicycles.

Villagers in India were woken by an early morning stampede by a wild elephant.

Kiwi found dead in Cambodia

A 72-year-old man was found dead of a suspected heart attack in a Cambodian resort.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Clapper said US intelligence had assessed that North Korea has expanded Yongbyon and restarted the plutonium production reactor there.

N Korea restarts nuclear reactor

Rogue nation fires up plutonium reactor that could begin creating material for nuclear weapons "in weeks or months".


'Lives at risk' unless WHO reforms

The World Health Organisation must reform, a UN report says.

"This may be the last opportunity" says high-level UN report.

Bombed plane's pilot slams 'zero' security video

Somalian airport security under attack after bomb tore a hole in plane's side, where a passenger was sucked out to his death.

A demonstrator protests against UN peacekeeping troops in Congo in 2012 for failing to protect civilians from rebel fighting.

'Alarming' east Congo violence

At least 21 people were killed, 40 wounded and dozens of houses burned in weekend attacks aimed at Hutus.

south pacific

New hope for Pacific cable

The Cook Islands is one of the Pacific nations crying out for a new submarine cable connection.

Internet access in the Pacific is expensive and limited, but with NZ's help that may change.

Massive quake near Papua New Guinea

An undersea 6.3 magnitude quake hit southwest of Bougainville early on Tuesday morning.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully says New Zealand is looking at options to help Tonga fight the Zika virus.

NZ aid to fight Zika in Tonga?

NZ considers boosting aid to Tonga to help the island battle the spread of the Zika virus. 


'What's mansplaining, senator?'

Australian senator schooled about 'mansplaining' in firery exchange

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