IS wants 'Lady al-Qaeda' freed

Protesters demand the release of Aafia Siddiqui in Tunis in 2012.

IS would have traded James Foley, Bowe Bergdahl and more for her. So who is Aafia Siddiqui?

Britain raises threat level

Britain raises terrorism alert to the second-highest level with the Islamic State group posing the country's greatest risk.

Russian flight blocked

Plane carrying Russia's defence minister changes its status back to civilian and is permitted to fly over Poland.

Australia seeks help for families

Australia urged Thailand to let Australian couples with babies born by Thai surrogates to return home with their children.

Iceland downgrades alert

Iceland's Meteorological Office has downgraded its volcano alert level to orange from red.

Calls may alter MH370 search

Satellite phone calls to MH370 shortly after it disappeared from radar may have left clues.

29-year-old virgin outed

A 29-year-old virgin named Patrick has become an unwitting social media sensation.

MH370 search starts soon

Super Hornets airstrike ready

Lennon's killer told of pain

John Lennon's imprisoned killer says he still gets letters about the pain he caused in his pursuit of notoriety nearly 34 years ago. 

Brazilian town's man drought

A Brazilian town suffering from a serious man drought has made an appeal for eligible bachelors.

Gay navy officer makes history

Suspect's sister arrested

Gun tourism is growing

Indoor shooting ranges with high-powered weapons are increasingly becoming a popular attraction.

Canada launches war of words

It began with Canada tweeting some not-so-friendly travel tips for the Russian military.

Russia invades Ukraine

Tanks and military vehicles have rolled into southeastern Ukraine from Russia.

Protests after Turkish president sworn in

Gender inequality still rife

Separatists to let troops leave

Pro-Moscow rebels said they would allow the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops they have encircled.

Syrian soldiers executed

v Islamic State fighters execute scores of Syrian soldiers captured when militants seized an airbase in Raqqa.

War crimes claim

UN accuses Islamic State insurgents of committing war crimes including amputations and public executions.

Netanyahu under fire

Gazans celebrate as truce holds

Fijian soldiers taken prisoner

Talks are underway to release 43 Fijian peacekeepers taken hostage by Syrian rebels.

North Korean official defects

A senior North Korean banking official has defected in Russia and was seeking asylum in a third country.

Japan's toilet paper panic

Japanese told to stockpile loo roll so they aren't caught short during next natural disaster.

Damning report on sinking

'Debarking' bid 'barking mad'

Schapelle Corby's parole tightened

Schapelle Corby's parole supervision to be tightened after boyfriend arrested over drugs.

Air France suspend flights

Air France France recommends its citizens leave African countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia because of outbreak of Ebola.

Kiwi nurses on Ebola front line

Kiwi nurses fighting Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone unable to work in hospital because it's too dangerous.

'We are doing Allah's work'

Mistakes may help fight Ebola

Ebola may exceed 20,000

More than 20,000 people may be infected with the Ebola virus before the outbreak in West Africa is controlled.

Rights group probes video

A graphic video in which castaway fishermen are murdered on the high seas is yielding information on the killers.

Refugees 'live like animals' in Nauru

More than 50 refugees resettled from Australian care on Nauru say they are contemplating mass suicide.

Police investigated after death

Fiji's 'sudoku-like' voting papers

Volcano erupts in PNG

Residents near an erupting volcano in Papua New Guinea are waiting to see if they need to evacuate.