Land grab provokes anger

palestine defcon

Israeli appropriation of nearly 1000 acres of land prompts criticism from the US and protests from Palestinians.

Scots narrow the gap

Support for Scottish independence rises dramatically in latest poll with only 17 days until a referendum.

US expands African drone ops

The Pentagon opens its third surveillance hub in West Africa with a base at an mud-walled desert city in Niger.

Caracas 'railroading' figure

Venezuela's Leopoldo Lopez has been in military custody for more than six months, accused of inciting anti-government riots.

Back to school after war

Israeli schoolchildren return to the classroom while sorting through the trauma of a violent summer.

Abuse of twins alleged

The Australian father of surrogate twins from Thailand has reportedly been charged with abusing them.

Cat meows to save owner

 Move over Lassie, the new hero in town is Sally the cat who saved her owner from his burning home.

Kiwi connection in incest case

New Zealand outpaces Australia

Heroin death toll skyrockets

The annual death toll from unintentional heroin overdoses in New York City has more than doubled since 2010.

Witness recalls new pal

"Wow, that's a big dude. Why he don't speak?" Dorian Johnson wondered about Michael Brown.

Controversial Arab mascot goes

Colorado plane crash deadly

Air strike orders

Barack Obama notifies US Congress that he had authorised weekend air strikes in the Iraqi town of Amerli.

Passport stripping plan

New British plan to seize passports of nationals fighting in the Middle East who return home to conduct terrorist operations

Blast toll reaches 8

Death toll in the partial collapse of a building in Paris has risen to eight as bodies of a man and a woman found.

Tumour boy case in court

Putin calls for talks

Kiev hits Russian 'aggression'

Ukraine's president accuses Russia of "direct and undisguised aggression" after military setbacks.

'Greatest escape' in Golan

Filipino peacekeeprs escape their besieged Golan Heights outpost under cover of darkness after seven-hour gunbattle.

US drops bombs on Iraqi city

The US military has conducted airstrikes and dropped humanitarian aid to the beleaguered Iraqi city of Amirli.

Fiji soldiers 'unharmed'

Pakistan PM won't quit

Two-month siege broken

Iraqi security forces have broken the two-month siege of Amerli by Islamic State militants.

Pakistan protests spread

Pakistan anti-government protesters storm the state TV building, taking station briefly off air.

Hong Kong braced for protests

China rejects Hong Kong demands to freely chose its next leader sparking vows to bring its financial hub to a standstill.

China to control HK candidates

Media crackdown worsens

Detained Americans seek help

Rare interviews with US media for detained Americans in North Korea may signal an attempt by Pyongyang to reopen a long-stalled dialogue.

Fear spreads with Ebola

The dreaded Ebola virus came to the children's hospital in the form of a 4-year-old boy.

Lesotho PM flees country

Lesotho's prime minister, Thomas Thabane, has accused his country's army of staging a coup against him and fled to neighbouring South Africa.

Workers strike at Ebola clinic

Drug hope as Ebola hits Senegal

Unrest after Lesotho 'coup'

Lesotho's prime minister has asked southern African states to send peacekeepers after an apparent coup over the weekend.

PNG volcano quietens

PNG's volcano is spewing fragments from its crater and rumbling loudly, but its activity appears to be subsiding.

Volcano erupts in PNG

Residents near an erupting volcano in Papua New Guinea are waiting to see if they need to evacuate.

Rights group probes video

Refugees 'live like animals' in Nauru

Fiji prays for peacekeepers

Fiji's military rulers are under pressure to explain how 45 soldiers ended up as prisoners of a Syrian rebel group.