Nigeria declared Ebola-free

Nigeria has been declared free of Ebola after no new cases in 42 days.

The World Health Organisation declares Nigeria as free of Ebola, a rare victory in the months-long battle against the fatal disease.

Foreign boots ruled out

'No ground forces from any superpower, international coalition or regional power will fight here': Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

6:20 AM  Iraqi PM rules out any foreign intervention on ground to assist in retaking territory lost to jihadists.

Police question suspect

The Motel 6 in Hammond, Indiana, where a victim was found on Sunday. A 43-year-old man has confessed to killing seven women.

6:26 AM  Bodies of seven women discovered dead in US as man who led them to some of the victims is questioned.

Avalanches hamper search

A survivor of the devastating Himalayan storm is taken to safety.

Small avalanches hamper search for Nepalese missing for six days after a devastating Himalayan storm.

Royals confirm April birth

The Duchess of Cambridge is again suffering from extreme morning sickness.

6 min ago  Prince William and his wife Kate's second child is due in April, possibly on the Queen's 89th birthday.

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A 40-year cold case solved

MYSTERY: Barbara McCulkin (right) and her daughters Vicky (left) and Leanne (centre) disappeared from their home on January 16, 1974.

Colour TV was still a year away when Barbara McCulkin and her daughters vanished.

MH17: The ones left behind

Helena Sidelik's brother just wants to pay his last respects to his sister.

Aussie pols: Just stop talking

Aus aims to end extinction


Land of the unforgiving

SCARE: The scene of an unfounded Ebola scare at the Pentagon last week. Twenty-two people were quarantined on a bus for hours after a woman who had been to Africa vomited.

5:00 AM  The possibility of new Ebola patients means American urgently needs someone to blame.

Pentagon plans Ebola expert team

Pentagon to train a 30-person team of medical experts to quickly leap into a region if new Ebola cases emerge in the US.

Dilemma of the Ebola zone

Expelled Nazis collect benefits

ARRESTED: Rabbi Barry Freundel, seen at Kesher Israel Congregation in 2000, is accused of secretly videotaping women while they changed for a religious ritual.

Rabbi's voyeurism arrest

An internationally known Orthodox rabbi allegedly secretly videotaped naked woman in a ritual bathing area.


Sweden hunts for 'foreign vessel'

MYSTERY VESSEL: This amateur photo made available by the Swedish Defence Ministry shows an object in the sea near Stockholm.

Sweden releases a grainy photo of a mysterious vessel in Stockholm's archipelago as the military hunts for a foreign submarine or divers.

Germany blames pro-Russian rebels

Germany's intelligence service believes flight MH17 was shot down by pro-Russian rebels using a missile taken from a Ukraine military base.

MH17: The ones left behind

McCully: 'We nailed it' gallery video

Compassionate leader ... Pope Francis smiles as he talks with cardinals during the synod of Bishops in Paul VI's hall at the Vatican.

Vatican synod backtracks video

Activists have lashed out at the Catholic Church's failure at a major synod to open its doors to gay people.

middle east

US airdrops arms to rebels

Turkish Kurds watch the Syrian town of Kobani from near the Mursitpinar border crossing, on the Turkish-Syrian border

US military drops arms to Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State militants near Kobani, its first acknowledgment it has delivered lethal aid to the rebels.

Workers sprayed with petrol

Court hears New Zealander sprayed petrol on Dubai office employees in attempted robbery.

Isis advance on Kobani halted

How to cover the Islamic State

KEY: "New Zealand troops physically fighting ISIS is at the very outer edge of what I would want to consider".

PM ramps up talk of troops in Iraq

NZ troops could soon follow Australian counterparts to Iraq to train Iraqi security forces in the fight against Islamic State.


Avalanches hamper Nepal search

A survivor of the devastating Himalayan storm is taken to safety.

Small avalanches hampered the search for Nepali porters and guides missing for six days after a devastating Himalayan storm.

HK crisis deepens after clashes video

Low expectations for upcoming talks as pro-democracy protests enter a fourth week.

Zoo bear bites boy's arm off

North, South Korea exchange gunfire

SCANDAL: Trade and Industry Minister Yuko Obuchi reportedly tendered her resignation over allegations her support groups misused political funds.

Second Japanese minister resigns

A second Japanese minister has resigned over a misused funds scandal.


Dilemma of the Ebola zone

A view of the Atlantic Ocean is seen from the roof of a home in the Capitol Hill area of Monrovia, Liberia

Reporting from Libera proves exceedingly challenging for a photojournalist who believes in offering dignity to his subjects.

Girls' release doubts

Wave of violence after truce with Boko Haram raises doubt about whether kidnapped schoolgirls will really be released.

Hitman dies before testifying

Ebola: 'We're in the eye of the storm'

A memorial for Excalibur, the Spanish nurse's dog euthanised despite no evidence it had or could transmit Ebola. The placard reads, "I am very sorry. RIP Excalibur".

Trying to quell Ebola fears

Ebola's not transmitted by the air, the US Center for Disease Control says. Fear and ignorance are transmitted by the air.

south pacific

Locking up 3-year-old defended


Samoa’s police are defending themselves after locking up a three-year-old boy.

Search for MH370 to resume

The sonar search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight is about to resume, south of the previous search zone.

Bainimarama sworn in

NZ soldiers help plane crash survivors


Kiwi funds frozen in Nauru stoush

New Zealand aid money to Nauru has been caught up in a financial spat after an Australian court froze the island nation's accounts.


Trying to quell Ebola fears

Ebola's not transmitted by the air, the US Center for Disease Control says. Fear and ignorance are transmitted by the air.