Top 10 excruciatingly awkward photos

04:22, Jun 07 2014
Akward Masterclass
FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE: Vladimir Putin and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich.
Akward Masterclass
HOLDING HANDS: George Bush is holding hands with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. At the same time.
Akward Masterclass
THE THREE-WAY-HANDSHAKE: John Key getting amongst it at at the Rugby World Cup.
Akward Masterclass
NEVER LET YOU GO: Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy was the master of the awkward photo opportunity.
Akward Masterclass
SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW: Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Akward Masterclass
ENJOYING EVERY SECOND. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi looks like he'd rather nip to the loo than listen to Nicholas Sarkozy.
Akward Masterclass
DEEPLY SENSUAL: Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gives Nicholas Sarkozy a little back rub while Angela Merkel giggles.
Akward Masterclass
FALLING FOR HER: Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her way to pick up her Academy Award.
Awkward Avril
AWKWARD APRIL: Fans paid $400 for a photo with the pop star.
Akward Masterclass
SHOW STOPPER: Kanye West is giving his famous "I'ma let you finish" speech.

As relations continue to cool between US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the pair shared another awkward moment overnight at the 70th D-Day commemorations.

But they were by no means the first prominent people to share and embrace, or perhaps lack thereof.

Here is our top 10 most excruciatingly awkward photos and videos of world leaders and other prominent people from around the world.

Vladimir Putin
The Russian president has a lot of awkward relationships with other world leaders. Even back in 2010, his relationship with Ukraine looked testy, as the shot of him and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich showed.

An entire site has been dedicated to uncomfortable moments with Putin. Some of the best snaps include him straddling a bobsleigh driver and performing marital arts on a young boy.

Boris Yeltsin
At least Putin learnt from his first predecessor not to sing, dance or tickle women's armpits. Yeltsin did all three and did not do a very good job. Enjoy the video:


George W. Bush

The former US president was well known for getting himself into the odd spot of bother with other world leaders. He once creeped out German Chancellor Angela Merkel by giving her a massage and claimed a classic three-way handshake with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007.

John Key

Not to be outshone, New Zealand's own PM got in on the three-way action after giving the Rugby World Cup trophy to Richie McCaw in 2011. The video was later pulled from YouTube.

Nicholas Sarkozy
Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy was the master of the awkward photo opportunity. Of particular note were his thumb-grabbing and straight arm handshaking antics with British Prime Minister David Cameron and his hug with Irish PM Brian Cowen. 

Silvio Berlusconi
Before he was convicted of tax fraud and sentenced to four years imprisonment last year, Berlusconi was one of Italy's longest serving post-war PM's. As most long serving world leaders do, he acquired a number of awkward pics, but his work with Sarkozy was where he really shone through. At a 2009 press conference the pair exchanged a number of uncomfortable glares and gesticulations, while in 2008 Berlusconi gave him a George Bush-style shoulder massage - with Merkel sitting next to the pair. His awkwardness will be missed.

Kanye West
West is the king of the uncomfortable moment. Classic examples include interrupting Taylor Swift's MTV acceptance speech in 2009 to tell her Beyonce should have won, his generally angry photo face and a cringe worthy pic with new wife Kim Kardashian, where she is pictured licking his face.

Tom Hanks
The Hollywood actor loves to play pranks on his fan. He rarely gives them a standard smile but unfortunately for some he often gives them very little to work with. Two unlucky fans got a look of boredom and folded arms when posing with him three years ago in what appeared to be a hardware store.

Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence has had a few clangers in the past couple of years but takes it all in her stride. She may have wished her stride was a little stronger when she was walking up the steps to collect her academy award for best actress last year as she unfortunately tripped up. But in true Lawrence style she got back up, dusted herself off and had a bit of a laugh at her own awkward expense.

Avril Lavigne
The pop singer created a new photo pose called the Awkward Avril following a cringe worthy fan photo shoot. Not only were there people interested in attending her live shows but some are also willing to fork out more than $400 to meet her. Perhaps more surprising was that Lavigne still has fans.