The world while you were sleeping

22:45, Jun 09 2014
Rik Mayall
DIED SUDDENLY: Rik Mayall has been found dead at age 56.

The world while you were sleeping...

Rik Mayall, one of the first alternative comedians in the UK, has died at his home in London. He was 56. Mayall shot to fame after playing Rick in The Young Ones, and his career included appearances in Blackadder, Bottom and The New Statesman.

Malaysian authorities revealed the country has spent 27.6 million ringgit (NZ$10.1 million) so far on the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. It was not known how much other countries spent. The search is set to be the most costly in aviation history, with experts suggesting it could reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Game of Thrones' fourth season penultimate episode was the most action-packed, and violent, so far. The entire episode was dedicated to the various ways a person can die: from axes through the head and arrows through the heart, to throats slit and skulls caved in.

The Pakistani Taliban has threatened to carry out more deadly attacks on high profile international targets, after yesterday's five-hour siege of Pakistan's busiest airport that left at least 28 people dead.

Veterans Affairs hospitals in the US are dealing with a massive backlog, the Department revealed overnight. According to an audit of 731 Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics, 57,000 patients are still waiting for their initial appointment, and 64,000 who have enrolled over the past decade have never actually been seen.

In London, a 13-year-old girl has had an abortion after a 14-year-old boy got her pregnant. The girl was reportedly "damaged" and had the intellect of a seven-year-old. The most senior family judge in England and Wales found termination was in the girl's best interests.

A report by a Washington think tank estimates the cost of cybercrime to the world economy to be US$445 billion (NZ$524) - that's equivalent to 1 per cent of global income.

Lil' Kim has given birth to a girl. The American Haterz rapper, 39, named her daughter Royal Reign.