While you were sleeping ...

Here's what happened in the world while you were sleeping:

The mystery of the Auckland "bangs" continued overnight...

After years of static images only, Twitter now allows inline GIF viewing on its website. Bring on dancing cats ...

There are rumours Pope Francis is ill after the Vatican cancels his July schedule.

President Obama has revealed plans to create the world's largest marine sanctuary.

Italy is to make its own contribution to life in space: decent coffee, of course. The Italians have invented a coffee machine that can function in space, and will provide a much-needed caffeine kick to hard-working astronauts.

Amazon has entered the smartphone business. At an event in Seattle, the retail giant unveiled the Fire Phone, a high-end, 3-D smartphone.

New South Wales finally win the Origin series.

The internet trade in images showing child sex abuse is now "an epidemic", according to the head of the global initiative to combat the problem.