While you were sleeping

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in the Ukraine, killing 295 passengers and crew. Ukrainian rebels and government forces are blaming each other for the reports a missile attack brought the plane down.

Software giant Microsoft announced it would cut up to 18,000 jobs or 14 per cent of its workforce, to "evolve" the organisation. It is the largest round of layoffs in the company's history.

The Australian Senate voted to repeal the mining tax on the same day it became the first country to repeal its carbon tax.

Honduras has asked the United States government to provide it and its Central American neighbours with aid to help curb the violence driving a surge in child refugees.

The 76-metre wide sinkhole that opened up in remote Siberia had researchers scrambling to take soil samples to explain the cause.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on Kabul airport. No one was reported as injured.

Facebook launched a new app exclusively for celebrities and other public figures, to encourage them to engage more on social media.

The state of Missouri executed its sixth inmate this year, triple-murderer John Middleton.

Hula, a sexually transmitted infection information app, said it would change its name, after protest from Hawaiians.