NZ mountaineer conquers K2

03:06, Jul 27 2014
Christine Jensen Burke
SUCCESS: Christine Burke, formerly of Timaru, climbs her way up Mt Everest.

Timaru-born mountaineer Christine Jensen Burke has become the first Australasian woman to conquer K2.

Jensen Burke reached the summit of the world's second-highest mountain at 2.15pm yesterday (Pakistan local time).

In a post published on her blog today, Jensen Burke said: ''Lakpa, Tsering and I reached the summit of K2 at 2.15pm on the 26th July, the first summits of the season along with four others and about 25 soon after."

She described it as an "agonising day", with climbers becoming stuck behind route setters for six hours.

The number of women to reach the summit of K2 is about 20, Jensen Burke, of which she is approximately the 14th.

A total of six women arrived at the summit on Saturday, she said.

Jensen Burke and her fellow mountaineers will begin their descent today.


The Timaru Herald