While you were sleeping

20:48, Aug 19 2014

What happened in the world while you were sleeping ...

- Jail records show at least 78 people were arrested overnight at protests in Ferguson, Missouri - that's more than double the total reported by authorities.

- Lorde has confirmed she's bringing her album tour home, saying it felt right "that it ended where it began".

- The United Nations is planning one of its "biggest aid operations in recent years" in Iraq, citing "immense" humanitarian challenges.

- Pope Francis is "deeply pained" after his nephew's wife and their two sons were killed in a car crash in Argentina. His nephew, 38-year-old Emanuel Bergoglio, is in critical condition in hospital.

- American rapper Earl Sweatshirt has branded Taylor Swift's Shake It Off video as "inherently offensive" for its references to black culture. In the clip, the pop singer twerks and dances with a boombox. Sweatshirt has admitted he hasn't actually watched the clip.

- Two students have been arrested for plotting a mass shooting at South Pasadena High. School officials had become aware of "suspicious behaviour" and contacted police. The pair had planned to kill three staff members and "as many students as possible".