Baby Miracle has her second big operation

01:43, Jan 31 2009

The Samoan-born baby called Miracle is recovering from more life-improving surgery in the United States - this time to her face.

Six-month-old Miracletina Nanai, who was born with severe deformities, has survived her second operation.

Eight days ago Miami Hospital surgeons removed a fluid sac from her back, caused by spina bifida.

Surgery on her face was not scheduled till the end of the month, but she recovered after five days in intensive care and doctors agreed to bring her surgery forward.

Her parents and supporters gathered in the hospital chapel to sing songs and pray during the five-hour surgery.

Last night Miracle was recovering from surgery on her lip, cleft palate, eyes, and an amniotic band on her leg.

The baby and her parents were refused visas to enter New Zealand because of an unfavourable medical assessment, but Miami surgeons John Ragheb and S Anthony Wolfe offered their services free.

The family is expected to be in the United States for six months.


The Dominion Post