Dubai love triangle DNA evidence

02:36, Jun 02 2011
Toby Carroll
KIWI BANKER: Toby Carroll.

A Kiwi man caught in a Dubai love triangle has been linked to one of the women involved by forensic evidence.

A DNA specimen provided by New Zealander Toby Carroll matched a sample found on his British lover's bed, the Dubai court heard on Wednesday.

Carroll, 32, is charged with having sex outside marriage - an offence than can incur jail time in the Arab state - with both Briton Danielle Spencer and Brazilian ex-girlfriend Priscila Ferreira.

Priscila Ferreira
BRAZILIAN MODEL: Priscila Ferreira.

The trio were arrested in December last year after Carroll called police on Ferreira, saying the 24-year-old Brazilian model burst into his flat, busting him with Spencer, and threatening them with a knife.

Carroll and Ferreira had reportedly broken up that morning, though Ferreira later told media she believed they were going to get married.

Police put all three in the cells, charged with having illicit sex. They also charged Ferreira with threatening Carroll and Spencer at knifepoint and destroying part of Carroll's furniture.


Carroll appeared in court again on Wednesday, where a forensic expert provided evidence, the Gulf News reported.

The expert said the DNA sample from Carroll matched one taken from Spencer's bed and from the Spencer herself.

Ferreira was also subjected to medical examination. However, Carroll's DNA was not found in a sample taken from her.

All three accused have denied the allegations made against them.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for June 22.