Child rescued from under car

01:23, Dec 14 2011

A securty camera in China has captured a five-year-old girl's dramatic survival after being run over by a car.

The girl was reportedly sitting in the middle of the street during a tantrum with her mother while on the way to a pre-school in Wenzhou.

Video footage shows the girl refusing to budge from the street and the mother walking away, thinking her daughter will follow.

A car then reverses on to the street and drives forward over the girl.

The mother, driver and a number of bystanders rush to the girl's aid and are eventually able to lift the vehicle enough to free the girl who was taken to hospital but released without injury.

The incident comes nearly two months after a two-year-old girl was run over in the Chinese city of Guangzhou and more than a dozen people walked past, failing to come to her aid.

-Fairfax NZ