Berserk skipper's new boat in trouble

02:34, Mar 14 2012
ALL ABOARD: Nilaya - a 54ft steel ocean-going yacht which two Norwegian adventurers, Jarle Andhoy and Samuel Massie, are using for an Antarctic trip.

A self-proclaimed Viking boat that has been sailing in Antarctica's Ross Sea is now in more trouble, with damage to the vessel, Norwegian media report.

Despite impending winter and an expanding ice sheet, it is now heading to the Antarctic Peninsula for repairs.

Jarle Andhoy, 34, has been sailing a 16-metre steel yacht, Nilaya, he purchased in Auckland late last year. He used it to sail to near where his previous yacht, Berserk, had disappeared in a storm with the loss of three men in February last year.

A New Zealander Busby Noble, 53, is also aboard the yacht but it was never clear whether he went willingly as a stowaway, or just failed to get off when it sailed quickly.

Andhoy did not find any trace of Berserk last month so left the Ross Sea and announced he was sailing to South America.

He suggested he did not want to come back to New Zealand as he could face arrest.


He also said he would not carry an emergency locator beacon so that people would not take risks looking for him if he was in trouble.

Now his key Oslo support, Rune Olsgaard has told the media that Nilaya struggled with bad weather and part of the rig on the boat has been damaged.

He said the yacht was now heading toward an Argentine base on the Antarctic Peninsula to carry out emergency repairs and to refuel.

"I'm not worried, everything is fine on board," Olsgaard says.

"It's just a little later than planned. This is not anything dramatic, but something must be done before they take the voyage from Antarctica to South America."

He did not say which base Andhoy was heading toward; Argentina has 13.