Bus driver puts brakes on girl's fall

HERO: Steven St Bernard.
HERO: Steven St Bernard.

A seven-year-old New York girl is lucky to be unharmed after a quick-thinking neighbour broke her three-storey fall.

The dramatic rescue was caught on video by a resident in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. It showed Keyla McCree dancing on top of an air conditioning unit outside a window before she slipped and fell to the ground, US agency ABC News reported.

The footage has made headlines around the world, with the UK's Daily Mail and The Mirror reporting the incident.

Her fall was broken by Steven St Bernard, who rushed to catch the girl.

The 52-year-old bus driver and father of four told the New York Daily News that he was just "in the right place at the right time".

"'Please let me catch her, please let me catch her,' that’s all I could say. 'Let me catch the little baby, that's all,'" said St Bernard.

St Bernard, who lives in the same apartment complex said it felt good to do something for the child.

Keyla is reportedly autistic. New York Police have told US media they did not believe her parents were negligent in any way.

ABC reported the girl managed to perch herself on the air conditioner by pushing through one of the accordion pieces that holds the unit to the window while her mother was in the next room.

"She did hit the bushes and the ground a little, but not straight on because of his arms," witness Latasha Marcus told ABC.

According to media reports, Keyla was doing fine but St Bernard tore a tendon in his left shoulder and was sporting a sling after the incident.

He told the NY Daily News: "I went over there to make sure if she fell I could catch her."

"I'm not a hero - anybody would have done it. I did it out of normal instincts."