Teen guilty of murder of mother and daughter in 'Bonnie and Clyde' killings

Katie Edwards and her mother Elizabeth were murdered in their beds.
Katie Edwards/FACEBOOK

Katie Edwards and her mother Elizabeth were murdered in their beds.

A UK teen girl who admitted murdering a woman and her daughter in their beds faces a life sentence for the killings committed with her boyfriend.

The teen and her boyfriend were 14 at the time when the boy crept into their rooms and knifed the victims repeatedly in the neck while his girlfriend listened to them struggling.

School cafeteria worker Elizabeth Edwards, 49, and her daughter Katie, 13, were stabbed through the throat in order to damage their voice boxes so they could not make any noise, the trial heard.

A jury at Nottingham Crown Court heard the teenagers' Bonnie and Clyde-style relationship was toxic and convicted the girl of murder after two-and-a-half-hours, The Guardian reports.

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The girl had denied murder, admitting manslaughter, while her boyfriend admitted murder at the start of the trial.

Jurors head she was the driving force and calmly detailed the killings in matter of fact police interviews. After the killings, the teenage couple had a bath, had sex, and watched four of the films in the Twilight vampire series, changing their minds about suicide.

They are both now 15.

A defence psychiatrist told the court the teenager was suffering from an adjustment disorder and was not rational when planning the killings.

Forensic psychiatrist Philip Joseph said the killings were fundamentally related to the couple's relationship.

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"A group dynamic can lead you to a course of action you would never have contemplated on your own. Bonnie and Clyde...that sort of intense attraction, emotional closeness, them against the world. It's that sort of thing that led to this.

"If they hadn't got together and had the intense, toxic relationship they [the deaths] would never had happened."

The psychiatrist, who interviewed the girl, said she was upbeat during a two-and-a-half hour interview and was not upset. The report said the girl told police she had "felt like murdering for quite a while" and the plan was initially a joke.

She described the killings as "a breeze"

Katie was smothered with a pillow and wrapped in a sheet because the girl did not like the smell of blood that had splattered the walls of the bedroom.

The bodies were found on April 15.

Sentencing is set down for November and both teenagers face sentences of indefinite detention.

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