Dogs' technicolour dream coat

21:16, Jul 03 2013
Dog colours
Catherine Opson walks her dogs Kobe and Porsche at a park.
Colourful dogs
Miniature poodles, Porsche and Kobe (R), go for a run.
Dog bath
Dog groomer Catherine Opson works on her colourful dogs.
Dog proud
Miniature poodle Kobe poses for a picture.

Miniature poodle Kobe is the living example that the latest trend in dog grooming goes way beyond a simple cut. 

His coat, a blend of different Sesame Street characters including Bert and Ernie, is the meticulous work of his groomer and owner, Catherine 'Cat' Opson. 

Opson, owner of Estrella Pet Grooming, says she spends between 40 and 50 hours a month trimming and colouring dogs, including Porsche, who was recently coloured to feature a collection of characters from The Simpsons. 

While Opson assures that she only uses dog-friendly products, free from harmful chemicals and bleaches, she knows that some are disapproving of her work. 

"I can understand people not liking it and not thinking that it's for them. But just because it's something different but isn't your cup of tea, doesn't mean that it's not fine for other people." 

And in the end her dogs don't seem to mind the artful transformations...nor do the judges of major dog-grooming competitions. Her creations have already won her several awards.