Italian beauty queen attacked with acid reveals her scarred face on TV

Gessica Notaro before the acid attack.

Gessica Notaro before the acid attack.

An Italian beauty queen has revealed her acid-scarred face on TV for the first time, three months after she was attacked.

Her ex-boyfriend, who denies being responsible for the attack, is in custody awaiting trial.

Gessica Notaro, 27, had her face covered with a scarf at the start of her appearance on Canale 5's Maurizio Costanzo show. 

But then she revealed the extent of the damage, saying: "I want you to see what he did to me. This isn't love," the Daily Mail reported.

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Speaking of her attack, she said: "While the acid ate away at my face I was on my knees praying. I prayed to God: take away my beauty but at least leave me with my sight."

After the January attack she spent two months "imprisoned" in her hospital room in her home city of Rimini. The operations she went through included one to save her left eye, which remains covered with a patch.

She has to wait a year, in constant pain, until she is well enough for plastic surgery, spending $1100 a month on medication, eye drops and lotions.

A finalist in the 2007 Miss Italy contest, Notaro is a model, TV presenter, aspiring singer and also works as a sealion trainer.

Notaro met ex-boyfriend Jorge Edson Tavares three years ago. They broke up last August, and Notaro said Tavares started stalking her.

In the January 10 attack, as she put her head out of the window of a car, she allegedly saw Tavares coming towards her and throwing the acid, Notaro said.

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"He lifted his arm to make sure he emptied the bottle completely and didn't leave one drop. My face was burning and I instantly started losing my sight," Notaro told the Daily Mail in an earlier report.

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