Burger mask liberates your scoffing

23:15, Nov 04 2013
Burger eating mask
CHOMP IN STYLE: Freshness Burger shows how to chow down without making a pig of yourself.

We've all been there. So hungry, huge burger, no manners. But never fear, you'll never have to make a spectacle of yourself mid-burger again thanks to a Japanese fast food joint.

Small mouths - or ochobo - are considered attractive in Japan, and it is considered well-mannered to cover one's mouth while eating.

Freshness Burger found that was affecting sales, with the chain's largest burger, the Classic, selling like hotcakes with the blokes but not with the ladies.

Thus the Liberation Wrapper was born - to liberate women from "the spell of ochobo".

The paper "napkin" is printed with a closed, polite smile which you can hide behind as you chow down.

The company said a month after it was introduced sales of the Classic Burger to women were up by 213 per cent.