Ice-bound explorers celebrate new year

02:50, Jan 01 2014
Trapped ship in Antarctica
The weather has been so bad the team had to put up a tent for communications on the top deck of the Shokalskiy.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
The boat stuck in the ice
Trapped ship in Antarctica
The chopper sent out to scope the area after a Chinese icebreaker sent to rescue the team had to abandon the mission.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
The work goes on: "Dr Erik van Sebille of the AAE is working with co-leader Dr Chris Fogwill to measure changes in the saltiness and temperature of the ocean near one of the observation sites of the original expedition."
Trapped ship in Antarctica
The boat is well wedged in.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
Professor Chris Turney, leader of the expedition, talking to international media from the top deck of the Shokalskiy.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
The stranded MV Akademik Shokalskiy.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
Cara Turney and her mother Annette brave the cold to enjoy the first few minutes of the New Year on the top deck of the ship.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
Bringing in the new year in a tent lashed to the Akademik Shokalskiy's top deck.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
Passengers stamp out a helipad ready for a rescue chopper to airlift them out.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
The landing area for the rescue helicopter.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
The passengers were flown out in small groups.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
Making a run for the chopper.
Trapped ship in Antarctica
After days of disappointment, the stranded passengers finally get airlifted from the sip.
us ship
The Polar Star is being sent by the US to help free Russian ship Akademik Shokalskiy and Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon gripped by Antarctic ice.

The world's southernmost New Year's celebrations took place on board the Russian ship stuck in Antarctica, with no shortage of ice as a team of polar explorers remain on standby for evacuation.

The 74 people, including four Kiwis, on board the Akademik Shokalskiy have been stuck in thick sea ice since Christmas Day. Several rescue attempts over the last week have been abandoned and they are expected to be evacuated by helicopter when weather conditions improve.

A video of their celebrations was posted this morning, featuring a song composed by passengers followed by a traditional countdown to midnight.

"The whole world is making a fuss, Big Brother House has nothing on us.

"The Guardian and the BBC are putting out news on you and me.

"We're wishing you a happy New Year, bloody great shame we're still stuck here."


The Spirit of Mawson Expedition leader Professor Chris Turney tweeted Happy New Year from everyone on board the ship this morning, as did Alok Jha from the Guardian newspaper.

Happy New Year everyone from the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2014! #spiritofmawson

Happy new year, everyone, from all of us here on the Shokalskiy and the AAE! #spiritofmawson @GdnAntarctica


Turney also tweeted that it was "warm, wet and windy", and visibility conditions meant it was unlikely they would fly this morning.

Everyone seemed to be in high spirits, although the same could not be said for Guardian video producer Laurence Topham's online diary posted on December 30.


Yesterday afternoon, passengers from the Russian ship walked down the gangplank to set up a makeshift helipad for their rescuers on a flat area of the ice covered in fresh snow.  

The passengers formed the world's southernmost choir, singing songs, including Auld Lang Syne, as they tramped down an area for the helicopter to land on, the Guardian reported.

They were awaiting evacuation by the helicopter on board the Chinese ship Xue Long which attempted the initial rescue but was forced to turn back.

The Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis failed to break through the thick sea ice this week, leaving a helicopter evacuation the only option.

All 52 passengers would leave the ship and all 22 crew members were expected to remain on board.

The passengers would be rescued by helicopter in groups of 12 and would be initially transported to the Xue Long before being transferred to the Aurora Australis.