EgyptAir black box repaired video

Debris from missing EgyptAir flight MS804 was found by a deep ocean search vessel in the Mediterranean Sea.

​Data files from crashed flight MS804 are being analysed, and could provide clues about planes final moments.

A fair chance for every child gallery video

In Khulna, Bangladesh, Amena Akhter makes sure that her daughter, Hafsa Khatun (under the table), 4, eats vegetables

We look at children in three vastly different countries to see what it means to be young in the world today.

World's largest uncut diamond to be sold video

A model shows off the 1109-carat "Lesedi La Rona", the largest gem quality rough diamond discovered in more than 100 years.

The "tennis-ball sized" stone is to go under the hammer at a public auction, in a break from tradition.

The moment an elephant attacks video

Redmond kept filming as the elephant charged.

Ian Redmond was supposed to be at a safe distance from the herd. He wasn't.

The forgotten man

The Idundu Bridge in the Niger delta, the scene of a fatal shooting and kidnapping.

A Kiwi was in a group ambushed in Nigeria. A local was killed but no-one seems to care.

Abducted Kiwi, Aussies recovering

The workers were from Macmahon Holdings' site in Calabar, Nigeria.

Three Australians and a New Zealander who survived a five-day abduction ordeal in Nigeria will hopefully be given the all clear to leave the country soon, their Perth-based employer says.

PM: Kiwi hostage injured video

The workers were from Macmahon Holdings' site in Calabar, Nigeria.

Kiwi kidnapped then released in Nigeria sustained non "life-threatening" wounds.

Yellow fever fears video

Women grieve over the casket of a young boy who had died two days prior in Luanda, Angola. The family said doctors had ...

Massive outbreak as disease, which killed hundreds in Angola, jumps borders.

5000 Boko Haram hostages freed

Nigeria says its army rescued more than 5000 hostages from Boko Haram over the weekend.

A massive operation by Nigeria's army rescued thousands held by the Islamist militant group.

Gunmen take guests hostage

A vehicle burns at the scene of a suicide bomb attack outside the under-siege Nasahablood hotel in Somalia's capital ...

Gunmen stormed hotel in Somalia's capital, setting up rooftop snipers and throwing grenades.

'Army training' to escape

Tim Croot managed to escape the Nigerian ambush and call home.

Australian man escapes armed kidnapping in Nigeria by hiding under a vehicle during the ambush.

Key: NZ won't pay ransom video

John Key said New Zealand doesn't pay ransom demands.

"We'd potentially put a bounty on any New Zealander's head who travels to a dangerous part of the world," says PM.

ANC decision causes riots in Pretoria

Locals walk past a shell of a burnt out truck used to barricade roads by protesters in Pretoria, South Africa.

Rioters looted shops and torched vehicles when the ANC ruling party named a mayoral candidate.

Fisherman's giant catch of the day

Renier struggles with is giant catch.

A South African fisherman has shocked himself - and the internet - by snaring a mulloway as big as himself.

Elephant survives poacher's bullet

Pretty Boy survived being shot in the head by poachers and was treated by the Aware Trust.

Pretty Boy had a bullet lodged in his head for six weeks and appeared to approach vets for help.

Attempt to extort Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius will be sentenced in July.

Murderer's family has reported threats of violence and bizarre offers of evidence in exchange for payment.

Are these from MH370? video

An Angry Birds bag found in Madagascar.

A support group for victims from the missing plane has released images of personal items washed ashore.

EgyptAir black boxes badly damaged video

Investigators say the flight recorders from an EgyptAir plane that crashed last month are severely damaged.

Experts say it will take "lots of time and effort" to fix flight recorders from plane that crashed en route from Paris to Cairo.

EgyptAir data recorder recovered

Investigators say they have recovered the flight recorder from an EgyptAir plane that crashed last month.

Rescue teams searching for wreckage have pulled the recorder from the sea.

Childhood missing in action video

Michael and former child soldier Abraham Kur Achiek.

Aid agencies face monumental challenges in a war zone where children are ordered to kill.

EgyptAir black box damaged

People light candles during a candlelight vigil for the victims of EgyptAir flight 804, at the Cairo Opera house in ...

Cockpit voice recorder from crashed EgyptAir flight MS804 found by search teams but damaged.

20 children, 14 adults dead in desert

Migrants hold containers of water wrapped with wet sacks as they sit in the back of a truck at a local immigration ...

34 migrants were found dead in Niger's vast desert after being abandoned by their smuggler.

EgyptAir wreckage found video

Egypt says it has spotted the wreckage of the plane.

Egypt says it has spotted the wreckage of the plane that crashed into the Mediterranean last month, killing 66 people.

World's largest diamond for sale video

A model displays the 1109 carat "Lesedi La Rona" diamond.

The "Lesedi la Rona" rough diamond is to go to auction this month - but you will need $100 million to snap it up.

Steenkamp's father testifies

Barry Steenkamp testifies at former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius' sentencing for the murder of his daughter Reeva ...

His voice breaking with emotion, father of Reeva Steenkamp says her death "devastated" family.

Axe killing: Son fronts police

The van Breda family from Perth, Australia, were killed in a grizzly axe massacre in South Africa in 2015.

Son of former Australian family axed to death in South Africa hands himself into police.

Tyre fisherman 'weirdest thing ever'

It's not the way most of us would choose to go to sea.

A hardy fisherman was found floating around the Indian Ocean in a rubber car tyre, powered by his flippers.

Race is on to find EgyptAir black boxes

Egyptian teams recovered some items from the crashed EgyptAir plane.

The black boxes from an EgyptAir jet that crashed in the Mediterraneanwill continue emitting a signal until June 24.

Pistorius a 'broken' man, court told video

Oscar Pistorius sits in the dock during his sentencing.

Psychologist urges judge to hospitalise "suffering" former Paralympian for girlfriend's murder, instead of a jail term.

Pistorius to be sentenced

Oscar Pistorius initially received a five-year sentence for culpable homicide.

Oscar Pistorius faces a minimum 15-year jail sentence for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

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