Hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped

Nigeria Flag

At least 234 girls are missing after Islamic extremists attacked a Nigerian school, more than first reported.

Ethnic massacre in South Sudan

Rebel fighter

Hundreds slaughtered when rebels seized a South Sudan oil hub, hunting down men, women and children.

Land grabs endanger elephants


Political and military elites are seizing protected areas in one of Africa's last bastions for elephants.

Militants claim Cairo blast

Cairo blast

Egyptian militant group, Ajnad Misr, has claimed responsibility for a blast that killed a police officer in Cairo.

Nigeria: 85 schoolgirls still missing

nigeria strap

85 young women are still missing after being abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

It's all up to her


The woman who will decide Oscar Pistorius' fate grew up during the cruellest years of apartheid.

Pistorius' recollection 'utterly implausible'

Oscar Pistorius

For five days the Pit Bull prosecutor and the Blade Runner have engaged in a battle that can have only one winner.

Credibility questioned

Oscar Pistorius

The prosecution in Oscar Pistorius' murder trial challenged the credibility of an expert defence witness.

Pistorius murder trial on hold

EMOTIONAL: Oscar Pistorius reacts in court.

The Oscar Pistorius murder has adjourned for more than two weeks, resuming May 5.

Gunmen kill nine in bus attack

Hospital corridor, generic

Gunmen have ambushed a bus carrying dozens of people in Ethiopia, killing nine and wounding six others.

Dozens of schoolgirls abducted

nigeria strap

An al Qaeda affiliate in Nigeria abducts between 100 to 200 schoolgirls, possibly to use as sex slaves.

Pistorius reads Valentine's card

Oscar Pistorius

"Roses are red, violets are blue, today is a good day to tell you that ... I love you."

Islamic insurgents cop bomb blame

Nigeria bomb

Nigerian authorities point finger of blame at Boko Haram for bus bombing that killed 71 people.

Pistorius' tears 'mask' troubles

Oscar Pistorius

Murder-accused's tears in court criticised as a strategy to handle difficult questions, prosecutor says.

Pistorius case a 'why-dunnit'

EMOTIONAL: Oscar Pistorius reacts in court.

Oscar Pistorius is now approaching the biggest finishing line of his life.

Bus blast kills 71 in Nigeria

Nigeria Flag

A bomb at a crowded bus station in Nigeria has killed at least 71 people.

Pistorius' story doesn't add up

oscar pistorius

Prosecutor challenges Oscar Pistorius' statements that he was worried about crime before he fatally shot girlfriend.

Pistorius 'selfish, egotistical'

oscar pistorius

Chief prosecutor laughs scornfully at an answer from Oscar Pistorius, mocking the man who shot his girlfriend.

Pistorius defiant in court

EMOTIONAL: Oscar Pistorius reacts in court.

Oscar Pistorius has refused to look at a photo of his dead girlfriend's bloody head wounds.

Pistorius describes shooting


Oscar Pistorius' words tumbled out rapidly, his voice frequently breaking, tears pouring down his cheeks.

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