Unrest after Lesotho 'coup'

Lesotho's prime minister has asked southern African states to send peacekeepers after an apparent coup over the weekend.

Fear spreads with Ebola

The dreaded Ebola virus came to the children's hospital in the form of a 4-year-old boy.

Lesotho PM flees country

Lesotho's prime minister, Thomas Thabane, has accused his country's army of staging a coup against him and fled to neighbouring South Africa.

Workers strike at Ebola clinic

Health workers have gone on strike at a major state-run Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone, a further blow to efforts to contain the deadly virus.

Drug hope as Ebola hits Senegal

With Ebola now in a fifth African country, researchers have new hope for a drug that cured 18 monkeys of the deadly disease.

Ebola may exceed 20,000

More than 20,000 people may be infected with the Ebola virus before the outbreak in West Africa is controlled.

Air France suspend flights

Air France

France recommends its citizens leave African countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia because of outbreak of Ebola.

Kiwi nurses on Ebola front line

Kiwi nurses fighting Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone unable to work in hospital because it's too dangerous.

'We are doing Allah's work'

DANGEROUS MAN: Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.

Islamist militants Boko Haram declare Shariah law in a Nigerian town.

Mistakes may help fight Ebola

A day after the death of Patrick Sawyer Nigeria's government took over the empty floor of a building.

Ebola deaths in Congo


Two people have died of Ebola in Congo, though the cases are thought to be unrelated to the record outbreak in West Africa.

Clashes at Ebola slum


Security forces in Liberia use tear gas and live rounds to seal off 50,000 people in Liberian slum.

Ebola drug patients improve

Doctors during Ebola crisis

Three Liberian health workers receiving an experimental drug to treat Ebola show signs of recovery.

Ivory demand fuels poaching spike

african elephant

Poachers killed an estimated 100,000 elephants across Africa between 2010 and 2012, a new study has found.

Escaped Ebola victims hunted

Ebola scare

Liberia is struggling to track down 17 suspected Ebola carriers who fled after a quarantine centre they were in was attacked.

Looting raises Ebola fears


Liberian slum residents raid an Ebola quarantine centre taking items including bloody sheets and mattresses.

Ebola: 2127 infected, 1145 dead

Ebola scare

The Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa could last another six months, aid group says.

The brutal truth about meerkats


Meerkats look cuddly and endearing, but a new study says they have a dark side.

45 new Ebola deaths

Security guard in Abuja wearing mask during Ebola outbreak.

The WHO reported 128 new Ebola cases and 56 deaths in West Africa, raising the death toll from the worst ever outbreak of the disease to 1069.

Kiwis head to Ebola crisis

Doctors during Ebola crisis

Two New Zealand nurses are en route to Sierra Leone to help fight the Ebola crisis.