Perth family killed in axe attack video

MURDERED: Theresa van Breda, 55, and her husband Martin, 54 lived in Perth for six year before returning to South Africa.

Horror attack family leaves parents and one son dead, and two children in hospital.

Nine dead as gunmen storm Tripoli hotel video

UNDER SEIGE: Security forces surround Corinthia hotel after a car bomb in Tripoli. Gunmen attacked the hotel in Tripoli where government representatives and foreign delegations often stay, killing eight people.

Two heavily armed gunmen storm luxury Tripoli hotel favoured by top Libyan officials, killing at least eight people.

Egypt protests leave at least 15 dead

A lone woman crosses the entrance to Cairo's Tahrir Square, which was blocked by military vehicles and barbed wire on Sunday during the fourth anniversary of the 2011 Egyptian uprising.

At least 15 people have been killed in anti-government protests in Egypt on the anniversary of the 2011 uprising.

Militants attack Nigerian city

Boko Haram 'leader' claims attack on Nigerian town

Suspected Boko Haram militants have attacked Nigeria's major northeastern city of Maiduguri.

King Tut's mask 'can be saved'

GLUEGATE: The golden funerary mask of King Tutankhamun. Its beard was knocked off and hastily glued back on with epoxy.

Epoxy used to glue a beard back on to the burial mask of Egypt's King Tutankhamun can be removed and the mask restored, expert says.

Campaign against rebels 'will take time'

AT THE HEART OF THE CONFLICT: An FDLR fighter stands lookout deep in the bush of eastern Congo in 2009. Now a planned military offensive to dislodge the group is under way, but it will take time, the UN says.

UN peacekeeping chief says it will take time to defeat Rwandan rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo.

'God told me to kill. It's just the beginning' video

A screen grab made on Monday shows the leader of the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, claiming responsibility for the massacre at Baga, Nigeria.

The leader of the terror group Boko Haram says God commanded him to massacre hundreds of people.

German Boko Haram hostage freed after months

Nitsch Eberhard Robert, a German citizen abducted and held hostage by suspected  Boko Haram militants, is seen as he arrives at the Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport after his release in Cameroon.

A German kidnapped by Boko Haram Islamist militants in northern Nigeria in July released.

Use of teargas at children's protest condemned video

Police in Nairobi use teargas to disperse school children and other protesters during a demonstration against the potential loss of their playground.

Kenyan officials have rushed to condemn the use of teargas against children at a Nairobi primary school who were protesting at the loss of their playground.

Cameroon hostages released

Man holds sign saying 'Stop Boko Haram' at a rally to support Chadian troops heading to Cameroon.

About 30 people abducted by members of the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram have been freed.

45 churches burnt in Niger

A protester holds a sign that says 'I am not Charlie'.

Protests in mostly Muslim West African nation over Charlie Hebdo cartoons targeted over 45 churches.

Ebola centres sitting empty

ABANDONED: Redemption Hospital ward after it was used to treat Ebola patients in the New Kru Town community of Monrovia.

There are so few patients that US-funded treatment clinics are closing. So why are isolation centres still being built?

Al-Qaeda claims plane downing

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for Paris attack

Syrian wing of al-Qaeda claims to have shot down army cargo plane but Syria blames the loss of the aircraft on bad weather.

Boko Haram fighters kidnap around 80 in Cameroon

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau last year threatened Cameroon in a message on YouTube.

Suspected Boko Haram Islamist fighters from Nigeria kidnapped around 80 people, many of them children.

The secret to fighting Ebola

Health workers lift a newly admitted Ebola patient onto a wheeled stretcher in an Ebola treatment centre in Freetown in December.

The numbers say it all. Not a single American has died of Ebola. but cross West Africa, 70 per cent of those afflicted die.

Five killed in Niger Charlie Hebdo protests

A protester holds a sign that says 'I am not Charlie'.

The death toll from two days of violence has risen to 10.

Charlie Hebdo protests over cartoon turn violent

SHOWING OPPOSITION: Supporters of Jamiat Taliba Islam (JTI), student wing of Jamat Islami (JI), hold banners as they chant slogans during a demonstration against satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo, which featured a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad as the cover of its first edition since an attack by Islamist gunmen, while marching towards the French Consulate in Karachi.

Protests against Charlie Hebdo's latest publication of a Prophet Muhammad cartoon turn violent.

Australian nurse evacuated from Sierra Leone

Healthcare workers from Aspen Medical undergo Ebola training.

An Australian nurse, who was treating Ebola victims, has been evacuated from Sierra Leone.

UN mulls force to fight Boko Haram

Displaced people from Baga listen to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in a Maiduguri camp.

Talk of international military action against Islamic militants from Boko Haram is growing in the wake of a step-up in attacks in Nigeria.

Satellite confirms scale of massacre video

Amnesty International releases satellite images showing "devastation of catastrophic proportions" brought on by last week's Boko Haram attack on the Nigerian towns of Baga and Doro Gowon.

Recent reports of a large-scale massacre by Boko Haram in the northeastern state of Borno have served as a brutal reminder of the threat posed to Nigeria by the Islamist extremist group.

Boko Haram massacre report dismissed

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau last year threatened Cameroon in a message on the video-sharing site YouTube, warning that the same fate would befall the country as neighbouring Nigeria.

Nigeria's military has disputed reports that as many as 2000 people were killed in a recent assault by militants on a town in the country's northeast.

Nigeria death toll 'exaggerated' video

REPEATED CARNAGE: Burnt houses and ashes are seen in Baga, Nigeria, after a battle between security forces and Islamist militants in 2013. Fresh violence in Baga has reportedly killed scores.

Deaths from an Islamic militants attack on the town of Baga total 150 - not 2000, Nigeria's military says.

143 Boko Haram fighters killed in assault on camp

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau last year threatened Cameroon in a message on the video-sharing site YouTube, warning that the same fate would befall the country as neighbouring Nigeria.

At least 143 Boko Haram fighters killed in an attack on a military camp in Cameroon.

Nigeria needs support

A man injured in a suicide blast in Potiskum is taken to hospital.

What's unfolding in Nigeria is an abomination, one that struggles for attention as the global media remains transfixed by Paris.

American Ebola survivor returns to Liberia

RETURNING TO AFRICA: International Christian mission organisation SIM missionary doctor Rick Sacra.

A US family physician is returning this week to the West African hospital where he contracted Ebola to resume work as a medical missionary.

Nigerian girls? Still missing

Lucky escape ... Four female students of the government secondary school Chibok, who were abducted by gunmen and reunited with their families, walk in Chibok, Nigeria.

OPINION: Eight months is a long time. Long enough for international outrage to rise, fall and fade away.

Child suicide bombers hit town

Boko Haram

Second apparent attack in two days using young girls strapped with explosives kills three people in Nigerian marketplace.

Child suicide bomber kills at least 16 in Nigeria

Bomb detection security personnel inspect the wreckage of a car believed to have been used in the bombing.

A bomb worn by a girl aged about 10 exploded in a busy market place in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, killing at least 16 people and injuring more than 20.

Hundreds killed by Boko Haram

Screengrab from an video released by Boko Haram shows the leader Abubakar Shekau. More than 16,000 people have been killed by Boko Haram since 2011.

Officials say 'several hundreds' have been killed in a takeover of 16 towns in Nigeria.

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