Worst outbreak, Ebola death toll exceeds 7000

WORST OUTBREAK: The latest deaths have come from Sierra Leone as the Ebola death toll rocketed past 7000.

The worst Ebola outbreak on record has now killed more than 7000, with the latest deaths in Sierra Leone.

Boko Haram kidnap over 100 women, children

Boko Haram abductees

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnapped more than 100 women and children and killed 35 people.

The end of lion hunting gallery

'Maasai Olympics'

The Maasai community are trading lions for medals in an attempt to end an enduring tradition.

Ebola delays Liberia elections

Liberia, health workers and a dead body presenting with Ebola symptoms at Duwala market in Monrovia

Ebola has killed nearly 3200 people this year in Liberia, and many question whether elections can be held at all.

Egyptian crackdown targets gays

generic thumbnail, gay rights, gay pride

Egypt has targeted Islamist and liberal opponents; now officials are targeting gay people.

From nurse to gravedigger

Red Cross nurse Andrew Cameron digging graves for ebola victims in Sierra Leone.

For Andrew Cameron, sometimes the only way he can help his Ebola patients is to dig their graves.

Facing off 'Mr Ebola'

KEEPING SAFE: Rochelle Martin in her regular blue hospital scrubs, and in her protective Ebola treatment suit.

What it's like to be at the centre of Africa's epidemic watching healthy people, children, dying.

Blasts kill 40 in Nigeria


Two bombs exploded near a bus station in the central Nigerian city of Jos.

No more Ebola in Mali

A health official wearing a protective suit waits to screen passengers in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mali has no remaining cases of the Ebola virus as the last patient in the country has recovered.

New Ebola hotspot

Ebola generic

Lockdown ordered as Sierra Leone authorities discover surge in Ebola infections in area thought to be under control.

Libya vows military campaign


Libya's recognised government will continue a military campaign to claim back the capital Tripoli.

Four killed in double suicide attack

An injured victim of a mosque bombing over the weekend in Kano, Nigeria, that killed dozens of people lies in hospital. The attack bore the hallmarks of Boko Haram militants.

Four people killed when two female suicide bombers attacked a textile market in Nigerian city Kano.

Pistorius appeal case allowed

COURT ROOM DRAMA: The trial of Oscar Pistorius attracted global attention.

Prosecutors are allowed to appeal against acquittal of Oscar Pistorius for murder of girlfriend.

Ebola still spreading - UN video


UN calls for more foreign health workers to tackle Ebola epidemic which is spreading quickly in some areas of Africa.

Ebola survivor missing 3 weeks

A mannequin lies in the isolation unit of a retrofitted Lufthansa plane equipped with medical facilities for Ebola cases commissioned by the German government.

US doctor who survived near-fatal bout with Ebola can't remember most of his 40-day hospital stay.

'We didn't know about hostage'

Yolande Korkie, the wife of Pierre Korkie, says the death of her husband in a US raid shortly before he was to be released is heartbreaking, but she is choosing to rejoice in his memories.

When the US launched a raid in Yemen that led to the deaths of two hostages, it didn't know one was on the verge of being released.

Honeymoon killing: Not guilty video

ACQUITTED: Shrien Dewani was found not guilty of murder.

Wife's family "deeply disappointed" as husband is acquitted of paying hitmen to kill his wife.

Doc deaths hit double figures

A health worker marks a home in Freetown, Sierra Leone with chalk to indicate that it has been visited.

Another Sierra Leonean doctor has died from Ebola, the 10th to succumb to the disease.

What it's like to survive Ebola

Decontee Davis, an Ebola survivor, spends a moment alone during a music video launch party to raise awareness on Ebola.

Recovering from Ebola should provide a time of unsurpassed joy and relief, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Cuban doc recovers from Ebola

Ebola generic

A Cuban doctor being treated for Ebola in a Geneva hospital has made a full recovery.

Golfer killed by crocodile

VICTIM: Jacques van der Sandt was snatched by the crocodile.

Hunt for golf balls in lake ends in tragedy when Jacques van der Sandt is snatched by croc.

Blast near Somali airport

A submission from former MPs to keep their taxpayer-funded travel entitlements has been removed from the Parliamentary website.

An explosion, possibly a car bomb, has gone off near a Somali airport.

'How I survived Boko Haram' video

An injured victim of a mosque bombing over the weekend in Kano, Nigeria, that killed dozens of people lies in hospital. The attack bore the hallmarks of Boko Haram militants.

A man has recalled his narrow escape after Boko Haram insurgents entered his hometown shooting and killing people.

Wrong baby claim laughed at

Mocked: A mother who questioned if a South African hospital had given her the correct baby.

Mother whose baby was accidentally swapped at birth claims hospital workers mocked her when she insisted she had given birth to a girl, not a boy.

Gunmen kill 36 in Kenyan quarry

Armed al-Shabab fighters just outside Mogadishu in 2008.

Gunmen killed 36 workers in an attack on a quarry in Kenya's Mandera county, which borders Somalia.

Glider crash kills Kiwis

Queenstown entrepreneur Morris William "Bill" Walker has died in a gliding crash in Namibia.

High-profile businessmen David Speight and Bill Walker have died in a Namibia gliding crash.

Warlord's conviction upheld

THE VERDICT: Former Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga awaits the judges' verdict in the courtroom of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

Appeal judges at the International Criminal Court have upheld the conviction of Congolese war criminal Thomas Lubanga.

Is this the end of Aids?

Names of patients are seen on syringes at a residential treatment centre out of Johannesburg.

The world has finally reached "the beginning of the end" of the Aids pandemic, advocates say.

Ebola toll nears 7000


Nearly 7000 people have died from Ebola in west Africa, the World Health Organization has reported.

Attack dogs save rhinos

COMMON OCCURENCE: A security guard stands near the carcass of a bull rhino killed by poachers for its horn in North West Province near Brits, South Africa.

Strapped into a black nylon harness, a dog named Venom rappells 30 metres from a helicopter to a bush clearing below.

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