Climbing a mountain to save the world

Taupo woman Christine Campbell visits the boy's orphanage she established in Nairobi, Kenya.


Ducks keep vineyard running video

Indian runner ducks don't waddle, they run.

These Indian runner ducks' pest control skills are all they're quacked up to be.

'They are evil monsters'

Killer hippos are causing locals in Senegal to live in fear.

Each day, when Ali Fall heads to work, he knows he's tempting death.

Explosion theory downplayed

There are conflicting statements on the initial findings of what brought the EgyptAir flight down.

Human remains retrieved from AirEgypt crash amid conflicting claims on what brought down the plane.

Cambridge man's efforts to save the rhinos

Tauwhare man Marc Herrmann is trying to help save rhinos.

A Waikato man is passionate about rhinos and is doing his bit to save them.

Watch: 'Werewolf cat' found video

A rare 'werewolf cat' has been found in South Africa.

Rare, bald cat discovered in public gardens in South Africa.

'Mohamed was a good pilot'

Mohamed Saeed Shokair (also known as Shoukair) was the pilot on EgyptAir MS 804.

Mohamed Saeed Shokair, pilot of EgyptAir Flight 804, died doing 'what he was born to do'.

Victims were neighbours

An EgyptAir Airbus A320, similar to the one that has gone missing with 66 on board.

A fifth of the Egyptians on downed Egyptair flight from village with ties to France.

Blast 'tore hole in jet'

"It looks like the right front and side window were blown out, most probably from inside out," said the pilot, who flies ...

Data from EgyptAir MS804's final moments suggest explosion ripped through side of jet, pilot says.

EgyptAir crash debris found video

Terrorism could be what caused an EgyptAir flight to crash with 66 people on-board.

Transmissions from the EgyptAir plane indicate that smoke was detected in the plane's lavatory.

EgyptAir pilots named

Mohamed Mamdouh Assem was one of the EgyptAir MS804 pilots.

The two pilots who were flying EgyptAir flight MS804 before it disappeared have been named.

EgyptAir flight: What we know now

Terrorism could be what caused an EgyptAir flight to crash with 66 people on-board.

An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo lost contact with radar with 66 passengers and crew on board. Here's what we know.

New dad on doomed flight video

Richard Osman, left, recently became a father for the second time.

He was "deliriously happy" after the birth of his daughter. Two weeks later, he's vanished.

Ill-fated passport find video

Pascal Hess nearly didn't catch EgyptAir Flight 804.

Pascal Hess didn't sleep for days when he lost his passport. He found it just before boarding EgyptAir flight MS804.

EgyptAir flight still missing video

An EgyptAir Airbus A320, similar to the one that has gone missing with 66 on board.

Airline reportedly retracts statement that "debris" from missing plane had been found.

Second kidnapped girl rescued

Some of the kidnapped girls appeared in a Boko Haram video purporting to show their conversion to Islam.

Another girl snatched along with more than 200 schoolmates in Nigeria has been rescued.

Children raced for crashed plane video

An EgyptAir AirBus 320 with 66 people on board has crashed..

An airport worker helped a family with five kids who were running late for their flight. Now she's desperately hoping they never made it on board.

Recap: EgyptAir flight crashes

The Airbus 320 was 37,000ft in the air when it disappeared from radar.

Recap: Greece’s civil aviation department says pilot was "in good spirits" before plane disappeared.

Buffalo stampede over car video


A herd of buffalo fleeing lions have rammed a car off the road in South African wildlife park.

Kidnapped girl rescued video

A Boko Haram video shows an abducted girl talking to the camera at an undisclosed location in 2014.

The first of 276 kidnapped schoolgirls is finally found - with a baby and a terrorist claiming to be her husband.

Hidden in jungle, dreaming of NZ stuff nation

"I never gave up. I took courses to improve my English. A lady helped me, took me to the supermarket and helped me pick ...

Suffering deeply, Margaret John had a recurring dream about a place she was yet to see.

Swede jailed for genocide

Under Swedish law, courts can try people for crimes committed abroad.

Sweden has sentenced a man who was involved in the 1994 Rwandan genocide as a leader.

Vets race to save rhino

Hope the white rhino had her horns hacked off by poachers.

Poachers hacked off her horns and left her to die. But reconstructive surgery may give Hope a fighting chance.

Hanging from a helicopter video

Saleh Wanjala is seen clinging desperately to a helicopter carrying the body of a dead businessman. The 28-year-old was ...

The man desperately hung on for 2km in a bid to see a businessman's body.

Youngest Egyptian mummy ever found

Miniature coffin measures just over 17 inches long.

British archaeologists dug up a tiny coffin, and it revealed a mummified foetus.

South African judge's racist rant

Judge Mabel Jansen: "In [black people's] culture, a woman is there to pleasure them. Period. I still have to meet a ...

Judge stood down after she claimed in a private message rape of young people is part of black culture.

Floods displace nearly 120,000

A man walks past a flooded field near the village of Botor, Somaliland, in April.

Thousands were displaced in Ethiopia last month and a total of almost half a million are expected to be affected this year, say aid agencies.

Nigerian leader not seeking apology

Microphones picked up the conversation between David Cameron and the Queen.

Muhammadu Buhari won't demand that British PM David Cameron takes back "fantastically corrupt" comment.

Court urges death for journalists video

Three journalists, including two Al Jazeera employees, are among those facing the death penalty.

Al Jazeera reporters among six people facing the death penalty on charges of endangering Egypt's national security.

Building collapse toll at 42

Rescue workers search for residents feared trapped in the rubble of a six-storey building that collapsed after days of ...

The death toll from the collapse of a building in the Kenyan capital a week ago has reached 42.

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