Obamas donate swingset to shelter

President Barack Obama greets youngsters at Sasha and Malia's former White House playground which was donated to the ...

Children at a family shelter have fun on the swingset Sasha and Malia Obama once played on.

Fired after correcting student's spelling

Katie Nash was fired from her job after correcting student's spelling in a tweet.

Kate Nash was "loving her job" one minute, then a week later the social media coordinator was fired.

How I lost visa-free entry to the US

A law brought in by the US government means anyone who has visited a country deemed particularly problematic since March ...

"Travel not authorised." Those three words should send shivers down the spine of any passionate wanderer.

Last man to walk on moon dies video

Astronaut Gene Cernan in the Command Module during the outbound trip from the moon during the Apollo 17 mission in ...

Astronaut Gene Cernan didn't want to leave, but before he did he traced the initials of his daughter, 9, into the dust of the lunar surface.

That 'Sox' - Obama celebrates Cubs' 'W'

US President Barack Obama holds up a traditional "W" pennant, for a "Win", with the Chicago Cubs at the White House.

US President sucks it up as he hosts the cross-town rival Cubs at the White House.

Enormous gator interrupts stroll video

The beast, nicknamed Mr Hunchback, was captured on video on Sunday by Joiner as it lumbered across the track at the ...

Walking along a trail in Florida, Kim Joiner came face to face with a massive reptile.

'The whole club just got shot up'

Festival-goers dive for cover.

Stampede as revellers flee Mexican music festival after shooting erupts, killing five.

BMW unfazed by Trump threat video

Donald Trump: "I would tell BMW, if they want to build a factory in Mexico and sell the cars in the US without paying a ...

German car giant not changing plans to build plant in Mexico despite US President-elect's import duty threat.

Nightclub gunman's widow arrested

Noor Zahi Salman, left, pictured with her husband, Orlando gunman Omar Mateen, and their son.

Noor Salman, whose husband Omar Mateen killed 49 clubgoers at Florida's Pulse bar, is in FBI custody.

Trump's offer to Russia

Donald Trump has an offer he doesn't think Vladimir Putin can refuse.

US President-elect has "some good deals" for Vladimir Putin, such as lifting sanctions - but there's a catch.

Is this the age of the rude?

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump - a fan of shouting, and pointing.

OPINION: What I dislike the most about Donald Trump is his lack of manners.

Journalists banned from White House? video

Is the White House briefing room about to move?

Is the briefing room really too small, as his officials claim, or is Donald Trump just trying to shield himself?

The ghosts of inaugurations past

Kelly Clarkson sings My Country 'Tis of Thee during swearing-in ceremony for U.S. President Barack Obama in 2013.

The new president's big day wasn't always so contentious. It was an honour to perform, no matter your politics.

From dog meat to loved pets

Daisy and Tulip in a cage at a farm in Wonju, South Korea. The dogs were brought to Alexandria, Virginia, US, in April 2016.

They were raised to be eaten in South Korea - but these dogs got a second chance in the US.

What Obama can still do video

Obama still has five days of his presidency to play around with.

Obama could still pardon whistleblowers, open up the drone programme, and free pot smokers.

Trump is sci-fi's greatest spectacle

Donald Trump will officially become the US president on Saturday morning (NZ time).

The Scottish Herald call it a must watch: President-elect Trump is the greatest sci-fi thriller to hit screens and print.

Sex teacher's elaborate deception

Prosecutors say Alexandria Vera and the teen had sex almost every day for nine months.

She became pregnant after almost daily sex with a student, 13, whom she fell in love with.

Spy boss to Trump: Pipe down

US President-elect Donald Trump's faced wide criticism over his use of Twitter.

CIA chief hits out at US President-elect to stop tweeting, saying Trump may not understand Russia.

Trump: echoes of Muldoon

US President-elect Donald Trump at  a news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City.

The media may have to develop an obsequious relationship with Trump and wait for the right time to pounce, writes Jane Bowron.

Trump warned over embassy plan

US President-elect Donald Trump has sent a clear signal he's pro-Israel.

World powers slam US President-elect's relocation idea, saying it could derail Middle East peace.

Tortoise sets house on fire

Perhaps it's better to knit your tortoise a jumper than to leave it alone with a heat lamp (file photo).

Note to self: If your pet tortoise is cold, don't leave it outside with a heater. And take out insurance.

Take a virtual tour of the White House video

The White House from the South Lawn in Washington DC, United States.

Before President Barack Obama leaves The White House forever, he wants to take you on a virtual tour. 

Trump dumps top officials

US President-elect Donald Trump has purged government officials appointed by President Barack Obama in a bid to wipe the ...

Donald Trump is purging government officials appointed by President Barack Obama ahead of his inauguration.

Girl abducted at birth defends kidnapper video

'My mother raised me with everything I needed': Kamiyah Mobley, now 18, left, with the woman she grew up calling ...

An 18-year-old girl who was kidnapped at birth has defended the woman who brought her up.

Pink hats protest Trump inauguration

Molly Cleator (R) takes part in Los Angeles in the Pussyhat social media campaign to provide pink hats for protesters in ...

Two women from LA are protesting Trumps inauguration in a very colourful way.

Man pays US$3K tax in coins

A US penny is one cent, so $3000 comes to 300,000 coins.

"If they were going to inconvenience me then I was going to inconvenience them."

Held up over McNuggets

Police in the US arrested 12-year-old boy for allegedly pulling a gun on a classmate, 13, who wouldn't give him a McNugget.

Teen wanted classmate's chicken nuggets, so he pointed a gun at her and demanded one.

'This is my vehicle, sir'

Lawrence Crosby

Beaten and pinned to the ground by police, US man Lawrence Crosby tried to convince them he was a law-abiding PhD student.

6yo given toxic dose in error

A father in the US mistook a bottle of liquid nicotine for children's ibuprofen, and accidentally gave his daughter a ...

He grabbed the concoction from the fridge by mistake - and gave his daughter a dangerous dose.

Trump's new beast

President-elect Donald Trump's new beast limo may make its first appearance on inauguration day.

Tear gas cannons, a shotgun, and even bottles of his blood type are all part of the new presidential car fleet.

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