Murdoch suggests Obama isn't a 'real black'

Rupert Murdoch has taken aim at Barack Obama.

Rupert Murdoch has ignited an online furore by suggesting that US President Barack Obama isn't a "real black".

Oregon gunman first shot by police

Chris Harper-Mercer took his own life, police say.

The gunman who killed nine people at an Oregon community college was hit in the side by police bullets before taking his own life.

Cop to face trial over Blake tackle video

Ex-tennis star James Blake is handcuffed by police officer James Frascatore the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York.

Blake alleges police officer James Frascatore used excessive force when he was tackled to the ground in a case of mistaken identity.

Robots blamed for taking jobs

Robots are doing more and more jobs that used to be performed by people.

Automation and technology major contributor to job losses, says Barack Obama.

Why do extremists drive Toyotas?

Toyota says it maintains 'a strict policy to not sell vehicles to potential purchasers who may use or modify them for paramilitary or terrorist activities'.

US officials have spoken with Toyota about the prominent use of its vehicles by militants.

Prisoners won against undergrads - don't be surprised

Harvard's campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

OPINION: It is a fallacy that there is a definite link between criminality and below-average intelligence.

TPPA risks high: Clinton

The TPPA has just thrown up unanswered questions for Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton says she does not support the 12-nation deal.

Mum's fight: His name is Cayden

This selfie of Gerod Roth with his co-worker's son Cayden Jace sparked a flurry of racist comments on Facebook.

A selfie cost a man his job, and a toddler his innocence. And it spurred a mother to action.

Carson slammed for comments

Ben Carson, who has consistently polled second among Republican presidential candidates, has drawn fresh criticism for his comments on the Oregon shooting.

Ben Carson has intensified his defence of gun rights in response to last week's Oregon campus massacre.

Harvard debate team lose to prison inmates

Harvard's campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Harvard University's debate team lost to a group of New York prison inmates, months after winning a national title.

US to release 6000 inmates

New sentencing guidelines could eventually result in the early release of some 46,000 drug offenders in prison

A mass release of 6000 US prisoners one of the biggest ever, is due to take place between October 30 and November 2.

Search for answers in sinking of US cargo ship

The El Faro was heading to Puerto Rico on a regular cargo supply run when it ran into trouble.

A huge cargo ship lost off the Bahamas with its 33 crew was being prepared for a major retro-fit of its engine room.

Thousands honour Lennon with human peace sign

People create a human peace sign during an event to celebrate what would have been the 75th birthday of former Beatle musician John Lennon, organised by his widow Yoko Ono and the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, in Central Park, New York, October 6, 2015, as seen in this aerial photo provided by NYonAir/Paul GaNun. REUTERS/NYonAir/Paul GaNun/Handout via Reuters  ??????ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS PICTURE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. REUTERS IS UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY, CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS IMAGE. NO SALES. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS PICTURE IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS.

Thousands joined Yoko Ono in NYC to try to set a world record for largest group of human bodies forming a peace sign.

Mum's blog gives insight into shooter

Chris Harper-Mercer took his own life, police say.

The mother of a gunman who killed nine people at an Oregon college let her troubled son have guns and acknowledged online that he struggled with autism.

Fifteen dead in South Carolina floods

David Carroll pulls his neighbours Rick Woodward, Miki Woodward and Matt Desjardins to safety in Conway, South Carolina.

Nine people drown and six are killed in weather-related car crashes as flooding grips the US state of South Carolina.

Baby chokes after mother dies

Erika Tomassian was feeding her youngest son when she collapsed and died of natural causes.

Toddler left alone for days after his mum collapsed while feeding baby, who then choked to death on food.

Murders in El Salvador rise 72%

Members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang.

Gang violence and infighting sees homicide rates in El Salvador rise sharply.

Cuffed man dives facefirst through third-storey window

The man fell three storeys to the pavement below after smashing through this window.

A US man who was trying to avoid arrest has died after smashing headfirst out of a multi-storey building.

Could Trump kill the TPP? Probably not

Populist candidates on the left and right have come out against the TPP agreement.

OPINION: The TPP still needs to make its way through a hostile US Congress. Luckily for Obama, Donald Trump is not a senator.

It's the end of the world - again video

Church leader Chris McCann wears a t-shirt marking his last Judgment Day prediction.

Just days after the world survived the Blood Moon, the apocalypse has arrived.

Ex-UN president charged for bribes

Former UN General Assembly president John Ashe of Antigua and Barbuda has been charged in bribery scandal.

US authorities charge a former president of the UN General Assembly for engaging in a wide-ranging corruption scheme.

'Entire families died together'

Rescue team members carry a stuffed unicorn and the remains of a mudslide victim towards a temporary morgue, in Santa Catarina Pinula.

In the aftermath of the Guatemalan landslide, search crews have found entire families who died huddled together.

Elvis Presley's grand piano good as gold

Elvis Presley bought the grand piano in 1955 as a gift for his mother.

The 'King of Rock and Roll''s gold-leaf grand piano is expected to fetch more than half a million dollars at an auction.

Mexican comedians hit back at Trump video

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

A clutch of Mexico's most popular comedians has found away to get back at Donald Trump.

Euthanasia legalised in California

California Governor Jerry Brown: "I was left to reflect on what I would want in the face of my own death."

Physicians will be able to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to terminally ill patients who want to hasten their deaths.

Body found in search for US ship

The El Faro was heading to Puerto Rico on a regular cargo supply run to the US island territory when it ran into trouble.

32 crew are still missing from the El Faro, which was hit by Hurricane Joaquin off the Bahamas.

The eagle has landed, for good

Bald eagles mate for life and eagle watchers had seen Ozzie and Harriet together for more than 20 years.

Feathers fly in Florida as famous webcam eagle Ozzie is killed by rival Frequent Visitor.

How to escape a bear attack

Chase Dellwo received stitches and staples in his head, some on his face, a swollen eye and deep puncture wounds on his leg.

One US hunter survives by shoving his arm down the animal's throat.

The children being shot in America

McKayla Dyer was shot while she played outside her home on Saturday afternoon.

A boy, 11, allegedly killed a girl, 8, because she wouldn't let him play with her puppy.

Unhappy pot users sue over quality

Colorado is one of four states that have legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. Oregon, Washington and Alaska are the others.

A US marijuana business is being sued by two users who claim unhealthy pesticides have been used to grow their weed.

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