Is Trump too close to Putin?

A mural in Lithuania depicting Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump locking ...

A series of links has made the US increasingly fearful that Trump may be pursuing a Russian agenda with his candidacy.

WikiLeaks causes Democrat crisis

The email correspondence seems to confirm allegations by the campaign of defeated Senator Bernie Sanders that the ...

WikiLeaks releases 20,000 emails, revealing the Democrat party wanted Hillary Clinton to win and to embarrass Donald Trump.

Four killed in Texas shooting

Police said the gunman was among the dead.

Four people, including a child, are dead after a gunman opened fire at a Texas apartment complex.

'Last dance' for dying teen

The teenager thanked her mother and friends for all the love and happiness they gave her.

Jerika Bolen has a disease that will kill her, so she has made a heartbreaking decision. But she still wanted a prom.

Body found in back of truck

The Alaskan woman used ice to keep her dead husband's body cold.

She'd been driving around with her husband on ice for days. But she didn't break any laws, US police say.

The Dems' different direction video

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wants to be have the opposite of a Donald Trump presidency.

'President Trump' would be chaos, democrats say. So Clinton and Kaine want to be his opposite.

Larry's a lucky lobster

Most caught lobsters end up as food.

Larry is a huge, extremely old lobster. But he won't be spending the rest of his days as someone's dinner.

Fresh terror arrest in Brazil video

Brazil is on high alert with the Olympics just two weeks away.

Man turns himself in to police after being accused of involvement in a group allegedly planning to attack the Rio Olympics.

Violent years come in waves

Three suicide bombers opened fire before blowing themselves up at the entrance to the main international airport in ...

Chances are that you or someone you know has commented that 2016 is turning out to be a violent year.

Hillary looks to undermine Trump

Danielle McLaughlin: A party's political convention is a macrocosm of its presidential nominee's campaign. It is its ...

OPINION: Hillary must acknowledge public's anger while stripping Trump of his credibility.

Was she a 'child sacrifice'? video

Sarah Root died when her car was hit by a drunk driver.

Trump claimed Sarah Root was 'sacrificed on the altar of open borders'. What is her story?

Pokemon border busters

US Border Patrol agent John South said the teens were engrossed and wandered into the United States.

Two Canadian teens playing Pokemon Go accidentally cross border into US.

Tim Kaine Clinton's running mate

U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the American Federation of Teachers conference in ...

Clinton's pick seen as a safe choice for steady alternative to unpredictable Trump campaign.

Trump rounds on Cruz

Trump spent much of his first news conference since accepting the nomination re-litigating his primary fight with Ted Cruz.

Gloves off as Donald Trump revives attack on ex-rival Ted Cruz's father.

Trump's doomsday numbers video

Donald Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention was high on numbers, most of which were wrong.

Donald Trump's speech was full of manipulated data, specious numbers and wrong facts.

Close encounter with whales video

Kayaker's dramatic encounter with humpback whales in California, US

US kayaker taken by surprise after two humpbacks emerge inches from his boat.

Freaked out by the Republican convention

Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination, to the disbelief of many people.

Clive Staples Lewis knew a thing or two about the human condition.

'I alone can fix America' video

Donald Trump describes himself as a "law and order" presidential candidate.

Donald Trump preaches a rhetoric of a "free, independent and strong" US.

The ideas in Trump's speech video

Donald Trump condemned the impact of trade deals on the American workforce.

A list of the most and least popular ideas in Donald Trump's Republican convention speech.

Pokemon no: Driver hits police car video

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 20:  Pokemon GO players meet at Sydney Opera House on July 20, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. The ...

Not surprisingly, playing Pokemon Go while driving is a poor idea.

RNC is 'politics on speed' video

New Zealand MPs Jami-Lee Ross and Todd Muller on the floor of the Republican Party conference in Cleveland earlier this ...

New Zealand MPs at the event say divisions in the party have made for an electric atmosphere.

Paramedics in 'selfie war'

Kayla Renee Dubois and Christopher Wimmer have been charged.

Two US workers charged after engaging in a battle to take selfies with incapacitated patients.

'I will be watching you'

The passenger said being singled out was ''attack on my values''.

Flight attendant singled Muslim man out on a flight before he was ultimately removed from it.

Michael Moore: Trump likely to win video

Filmmaker Michael Moore says Trump could win - in fact, he's sure he will.

The maker of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 says the Don has more than just a shot at the Oval Office.

New York axes tampon tax

The new law exempts tampons, sanitary napkins and panty liners from the 4 per cent state sales tax.

There were complaints that taxes on feminine hygiene products were sexist.

Forces against Clark video

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark is hoping to be the UN's next Secretary General.

There are claims the "old boys network" has nobbled Helen Clark in a shock result in the first vote for the UN's top job.

Black man shot with hands raised video

Charles Kinsey was caring for an autistic patient in the street, and had his hands raised when police shot him.

Therapist Charles Kinsey was trying to calm an autistic patient in the street when police shot him.

I'm no 'puppy dog' - Cruz

Former Republican US presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz speaks during the third night of the Republican National ...

US Senator Ted Cruz staunchly defends his decision not to endorse Donald Trump.

Brazil arrests over Isis message video

Rio de Janeiro is swarming with soldiers, police and guards ahead of next month's Olympics.

Ten men detained and two others wanted after social media discussions about potential attack on Rio Olympics.

US moves to recover $1.4b video

The 1MDB fund, created in 2009 by Malaysian PM Najib, was aimed at promoting economic development projects in the country.

US goes after money allegedly stolen from Malaysian wealth fund in complex money laundering scheme.

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