Obama to the rescue after stage fall

05:16, Jun 10 2014
Obama to the rescue
Down she goes - quick, POTUS to the rescue!
Obama to the rescue
The not-so-sure-footed athlete Stefanie Dolson tries (and fails) to become one with the background and hide from the president.
Obama to the rescue
Oh the shame, but Obama's there to make it all better.
Obama to the rescue
That's the trick - laugh it off.
Obama to the rescue
And she's back - Dolson returns to the stage, embracing her new-found fame ... cracking funnies with the Prez.

Anyone who has ever worn heels knows what a fraught exercise it can be to negotiate the world strapped into a pair of tiny stilts.
Perhaps for no one is this truer than basketball player Stefanie Dolson, who lost her balance and fell off the raised bench she was standing on behind none other than the leader of the Free World.
President Obama was conducting one of the more mundane tasks he is beholden to as America's president and giving a speech at the White House to honour the men's and women's basketball teams of the University of Connecticut.
Both teams won titles at this year's NCAA championships, only the second time a school has won both titles.
Teammates looked on unimpressed when the 198cm (6'5" in the old money) player tumbled from the risers. Her basketballer's agility clearly came in handy - she managed to avoid a total faceplant.
Obama, ever the gentleman, rushed to Dolson's aid to make sure she had survived her ordeal unscathed. Dolson was uninjured, at least physically, although it's likely her pride has been irreparably bruised.