Max Key receives global shout out

23:27, Jun 20 2014
John Key, Barack Obama play golf
Are they discussing foreign policy or the condition of the greens?
John Key, Barack Obama play golf
Use the wedge, John.
John Key, Barack Obama play golf
John Key high fives his son Max as New Zealand punches above its weight on the global stage.
John Key, Barack Obama play golf
Where's the 19th hole?

There aren't many 19-year-old Kiwi lads who can boast that they've been name checked by the world's most powerful man in front of the world's media.

But Max Key, son of Prime Minister John Key, was top of US President Barack Obama's mind when he addressed the media after a lengthy meeting at the White House.

Referring to his golf game with Key over the Christmas break, Obama noted that "John's son Max can out drive us both by a substantial amount".

Key said later that Obama and Max got on well.

"He loves Max......when we played golf he just loved the fact that he was a young guy, that he could rib him a bit and he took it in good spirit. His kids are very similar ages."

Obama has two children, like Key, and they both have bolt holes in Hawaii, which is where they caught up for their round of golf.

Key has never said who won the match and Obama kept up the veil of secrey today, saying it would not be appropriate to divulge the scores.