Kidnapped journo's mum pleads with jihadists video


Raw footage of Shirley Sotloff, the mother of American journalist Steven Sotloff who is being held by Islamic rebels in Syria, making a direct appeal to his captors to release him.

The mother of captured US journalist Steven Sotloff has pleaded for her son's life in an emotional televised appeal.

Shirley Sotloff, mother of the 31-year-old freelance reporter, directly addressed the leader of terror group Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in a video message distributed to the media overnight.

She says Islam teaches that no individual should be held responsible for the sins of others and pleads for her son's life, saying he has no control over the actions of the US government.

Sotloff disappeared while reporting in Syria in August 2013, but his apparent kidnap wasn't widely reported until he appeared on a video released last week by IS.

In the footage a masked militant beheads US reporter James Foley then parades Sotloff, warning he will meet the same fate unless US President Barack Obama halts air strikes against the group in Iraq.

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 - AAP

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