US man drives through firestorm as he escapes wildfire-ravaged town video

Michael Luciano/Facebok

A US man evacuating his wildfire-ravaged town in Tennessee has shared dramatic footage of driving through a firestorm.

A US man has shared dramatic video of his escape from wildfires in the state of Tennessee.

Michael Luciano posted the video on Facebook of driving through thick, billowing smoke and passing cabins engulfed in flames.

Wildfires had been burning in the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains for five days but it wasn't until he noticed a small hot ember that he decided to investigate.

The Tennessee wildfires are the worst to scorch the US state in 100 years.

The Tennessee wildfires are the worst to scorch the US state in 100 years.

"When I went outside, I looked up and noticed a hot ember that was real small," he told The Huffington Post. "And it trickled down toward me."

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Luciano decided to drive around the neighbourhood and investigate.

"We realised everything was engulfed in flames," Luciano said.

Luciano, his step brother Anthony Fulton, and his dog Red piled into their truck to make their daring escape.

"It felt like being in the movie Volcano," Luciano said.

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"There were propane tanks on every cabin literally blowing up as we drove.

"There were people behind me who were trapped ... There was no way those cars could have made it."

The fire destroyed more than 150 homes and businesses as flames whipped by high-speed winds raged overnight through town and displaced more than 14,000 residents in an inferno witnesses called unlike any in living memory.

"This is the largest fire in the state of Tennessee in 100 years," said Governor Bill Haslam, who visited the city Tuesday afternoon (local time).

Three people have been confirmed dead.

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