The 'saddest dog in the world' is homeless again and could be put down

Lana the labrador pictured in 2015.
Facebook/Rescue Dogs Match

Lana the labrador pictured in 2015.

Lana the labrador is homeless again.

The Canadian rescue dog, dubbed the "saddest dog in the world", has been returned to a shelter, reports say.

In 2015, a photograph of Lana sitting dejected in a Ontario animal shelter led to an outpouring of sympathy and offers to home her.

She was eventually adopted.

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But she has been returned to the shelter, for the third time, due to behavioural difficulties and if she is not homed by May 20, she could be put down.

Lana, on the right, loves playing with other dogs but shies away from people.
Facebook/Rescue Dogs Match

Lana, on the right, loves playing with other dogs but shies away from people.

All hope is not lost though - Rescue Dogs Match has been flooded with thousands of emails and adoption offers since she was returned, the BBC reported.

Rescue Dogs Match spokeswoman Brenda Dobranski said there was a lot of work to be done to train Lana.

"I'm sure we're going to find her a place.

"Third time's a charm."

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Dobranski said the labrador was a bit cat-like and preferred to keep her distance from people.

"She's very touch sensitive from humans, she's just learning now that it's OK to play with other dogs."

When she arrived at the shelter in 2015, Lana "shut down". She was sent to the shelter for the first time after snapping at her owner, the BBC said.

Lana needed a home without children or other pets, the BBC said.

The lab turns three on May 14 and, in a Facebook post, the shelter said she only had until May 20.

"She has made some improvements but there is still work to be done.

"The best environment for her would be a horse or hobby farm where she can be outside most of the time "helping" her person with the chores around the property. She LOVES to be outside no matter what the weather.

"For cold winter days a quality winter coat would keep her cozy. Lana loves to be part of whatever is going on but not in "tight" quarters.

"The best family for her would be a mature couple or person that has the time, patience, determination and commitment to help her become more confident.

"A family that would arrange controlled play dates with other dogs, without food or toys around. A family that has a routine she can rely on, and an active lifestyle that would banish the thought of endless hours in concrete bunkers with nothing to do."

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