Is this the age of the rude?

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump - a fan of shouting, and pointing.

OPINION: What I dislike the most about Donald Trump is his lack of manners.

Trump is sci-fi's greatest spectacle

Donald Trump will officially become the US president on Saturday morning (NZ time).

The Scottish Herald call it a must watch: President-elect Trump is the greatest sci-fi thriller to hit screens and print.

Trump dumps top officials

US President-elect Donald Trump has purged government officials appointed by President Barack Obama in a bid to wipe the ...

Donald Trump is purging government officials appointed by President Barack Obama ahead of his inauguration.

Pink hats protest Trump inauguration

Molly Cleator (R) takes part in Los Angeles in the Pussyhat social media campaign to provide pink hats for protesters in ...

Two women from LA are protesting Trumps inauguration in a very colourful way.

Singer ditches Trump inauguration

Singer Jennifer Holliday apologised to fans for her "lapse in judgment".

Jennifer Holliday says she had a "lapse in judgment" in agreeing to perform for the US President-elect.

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Obama's legacy to be destroyed

Numerous Obama-era legislations will be on the chopping block.

Obama-era laws, including environmental and healthcare rules, are on the Republicans' chopping block.

Trump accepts Russian hacking video

US President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a press conference in Trump Tower, Manhattan, New York.

For the first time, US President-elect accepts Russia's role in election-year hacking.

Trump: It didn't happen video

Trump says it's a disgrace that personal information on him was leaked by Russia.

Donald Trump says Russia's dirt on him is "phony" as he lays out his plans for US presidency.

'It never happened' video

The US President-elect says it's a "disgrace" that the information was let out.

LIVE: Donald Trump says it's a disgrace that Russia has come forward with claims of compromising material on him.

Trump blasts 'Nazi' US spies

US President-elect Donald Trump accused intelligence agencies of assisting his opponents with a "witch hunt".

US President-elect accuses intel agencies of leaking "fake news" over claims about his links to Russia.

Obama's final speech video

Barack Obama's 445th mission aboard Air Force One. The US president and first lady Michelle Obama board the plane for ...

In his last speech as US president Barack Obama' will deliver his parting message from his Chicago hometown.

Attorney general pick defends record video

Trump Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions testifies at Senate.

Senator Jeff Sessions, poised to become the next US attorney general, has insisted he's not a racist in a grilling by the Senate.

'We're not paying for the wall'

Mexico's Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray says "no way" will his country pay for the wall.

If Donald Trump sends the bill for his border wall, there's "no way" it'll be paid, Mexico says.

Five times actors got political video

Meryl Streep slammed Donald Trump in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.

Meryl Streep isn't the first actor to make a stand at an awards ceremony.

Trump admits Russia hacking video

Donald Trump's chief of staff says he now accepts that Russian hackers did disrupt the US election

Trump has accepted the conclusion that Russia engaged in cyber attacks during the election.

Meet the 'celebs' backing Trump video

Remember him? Fabio Lanzoni - famous as a cover model for romance novels, and his ads for butter substitutes - will ...

Romance novel cover model Fabio is as good as it gets for US President-elect, as A-listers shun inauguration.

Trump wins, F-bombs explode

Many people expressed their shock at Donald Trump's election win in colourful terms.

Online F-word usage surges as Trump wins US election, amid massive public shock.

Springsteen's panic about Trump

Bruce Springsteen says nothing's made him fearful the way Donald Trump has.

The Boss says he's "felt disgust" over election results before, but never this kind of fear.

2016, the recap

People protest against Republican president-elect Donald Trump in the neighborhood of Manhattan in New York, USA.

It's time to take a look back at the massive year we've just endured.

How Russia hacked the US election

It was the first time such a report from the US government had blamed a particular country or actors.

A day after booting Russian spies out of the country, the US government reveals just how hacking was carried out.

Popular vote? President Clinton video

Hillary Clinton lost fair and square - but it's interesting to look at the impact of voting systems on an election ...

OPINION: Trump won fair and square - but if US elections were like NZ's, we'd have the first woman president.

US aims to punish and deter Russia video

US President Barack Obama and the Chinese President Xi Jinping last year agreed to avoid economic cyber espionage on one ...

America wants to take action against Russia for its interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump inauguration protest fears

US president-elect Donald Trump makes his way through the crowd after addressing a Tea Party rally in September.

Every inauguration has risks, but Trump's is a powder keg that threatens to explode.

Trump's charity hits a snag

Donald Trump can't shut down the Donald J. Trump Foundation while it's under investigation.

US President-elect can't shut down his Trump Foundation due to investigation over his personal benefits.

Obama says he would've beaten Trump video

US President Barack Obama has said he admires Hillary Clinton, but has said she was too was too cautious during the ...

In an implicit criticism of Hillary Clinton, Obama says he'd have given America something to get behind.

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