Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were once 'great friends' video

Sydney Morning Herald

Videos of Donald Trump praising Hillary Clinton have surfaced and they're a far cry from the campaign trial.

He's now dubbed her "crooked Hillary", but there was a time when Donald Trump had nothing but praise for Hillary Clinton.

Long before the current US presidential race began to heat up, Trump referred to Clinton as "a terrific woman" and a "great friend".

"I think she really works hard and I think she does a good job," Trump said of Clinton in one 2008 interview.

In another, he even goes so far as to defend her. "She's a very nice woman... people think [she's] tough, tough, but she's a really nice woman," he said.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were 'good mates' once upon a time.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were 'good mates' once upon a time.

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"You'll be looking at the record of Hillary Clinton and how did she do as secretary of state - probably above and beyond everybody else and everything else."

Clearly, 2008 was long time ago. Watch the video above to see how things have changed in this great "friendship".

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