Protesters swarm Hong Kong leader's office

TENSION: Protesters face off with police as they block the entrance to the Chief Executive's Office in Hong Kong.

Thousands of Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators have massed outside the offices of the city's embattled leader in a tense standoff with police, with calls growing for him to resign as protests grip the city.

Protesters find little support from mainlanders

NO SUPPORT: Mainland Chinese tourists have labeled Hong Kong student protesters 'idealistic' and 'selfish'.

Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters saw tourist mainland Chinese as a perfect fodder to spread the word.

Mount Ontake volcano death toll rises to 48

Climbers descend Mount Ontake after the eruption.

The death toll from Japan's volcanic eruption rose to 48, the worst in 88 years, after more victims were discovered.

10,000 pigeons body-searched

Fancy pigeons come in all shapes sizes.

The 10,000 pigeons released in a ceremony for China's National Day each had their feathers and anus checked for dangerous materials.

NZ support for Hong Kong protests

A demonstrator in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong expats across New Zealand are staging a show of support for pro-democracy protests.

Kim Jong Un mystery solved

Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader who's mysteriously been missing from the public eye for almost a month is merely recovering from ankle surgery, it's claimed.

iOS virus targeting protests

Student protesters shine lights from their phones as they chant pro-democracy slogans on the streets of Hong Kong.

Cybersecurity researchers uncover Apple iOS virus believed to be is targeting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

'I thought I was going to die'

Mt Ontake

Huge boulders falling from the sky. Billowing grey smoke that cast total darkness over the mountain. Volcanic ash piling on the ground and fumes filling the air.

Afghanistan signs troop pact video

Officials from Afghanistan and the US signing a long-delayed security agreement to allow American troops to stay in the country past 2014.

New president Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai signs security agreement to allow 9800 US and 2000 Nato troops to remain in Afghanistan.

Protesters stockpile supplies video

HONG KONG MOVEMENT: A protester covers her mouth with tape that says "democracy".

Pro-democracy protesters extend a blockade of Hong Kong streets, stockpiling supplies and erecting makeshift barricades.

Britain to China: Find peace in Hong Kong

STANDING UP: For the fifth straight day, thousands of democracy protesters brought Hong Kong to a standstill.

In Britain's strongest interjection over clashes in Hong Kong, finance chief George Osborne urged China to seek peace.

Thailand to issue tourist wristbands

A tourist runs with her dog during sunset on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand.

Thailand has announced plans to give tourists wristbands carrying their personal details, as the kingdom falls under intense scrutiny over visitor safety following the murder of two British holidaymakers. 

Death penalty for train rape

train tracks

A Thai court has sentenced a man to death after he raped and killed a 13-year-old girl on an overnight train.

Money pours in for Gammy

Australia's response to the tragic case of Gammy will determined whether we demand stronger safeguards in international, federal and NSW surrogacy laws

More than $270,000 has been raised for surrogate baby Gammy who was allegedly abandoned by his Australian parents.

Ship runs aground, 110 rescued

South Korea flag

Some 110 people aboard a South Korean sightseeing ship were rescued by fishing boats after the vessel ran aground.

Hong Kong: Why this is big

Protesters block a street near government headquarters in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

The protests taking part in the heart of Hong Kong present the biggest challenge to Beijing since the 1989 Tiananmen protests.

Hong Kong protesters: We will stay strong

STANDING TALL: Protesters made sure they were protected in case police came in with tear gas.

Pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong continue to sweep up momentum.

HK protests shut Instagram in China

A police officer looks at pro-democracy protesters rallying next to the Hong Kong police headquarters in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong.

Social media users in China give a collective groan after the country's Communist rulers block Instagram in the wake of protests in Hong Kong.

What's wrong with Kim Jong Un?

BIGGEST: This undated photo was released in August.

So what's going on with Kim Jong Un? The fact North Korea's even admitted he is ailing could be a clue.

China faces tricky balance video

Despite violent clashes with police, Hong Kong democracy protesters are standing firm in the city's central business district.

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have handed China's Communist leadership a thorny political dilemma.

N Korea rejects talks on prisoners

Jail cell

North Korea has rejected US efforts to discuss the detention of three Americans, a US diplomat has said.

36 feared dead on volcano

Japanese soldiers carry an injured climber from the ash-covered Mount Ontake.

The search for victims of a Japanese volcano, feared to have killed 36, has been abandoned due to fears of toxic gases.

Protests calm in Hong Kong video

A protester raises his arms as police officers try to disperse the crowd near government headquarters early on Monday..

The Hong Kong government has withdrawn riot police from city streets after pro-democracy protests began to calm down.

Instagram blocked in China video

Facebook Instagram app icons

Numerous reports of photo-sharing service being blocked amid pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Erupting volcano kills 31 video

CAUSING CHAOS: Volcanic smoke rises from Mount Ontake after Saturday's eruption.

Helicopters have begun airlifting the hikers' bodies down from the ash-blanketed peak of a Japanese volcano.

Hong Kong protests heat up

A protester wearing rudimentary protection against pepper spray is pictured during a confrontation with the police, after a rally for the October 1 "Occupy Central" civil disobedience movement in Hong Kong. Over 100 pro-democracy students stormed Hong Kong government headquarters and scuffled with police late on Friday in protest against the Chinese government's tightening grip on the former British colony.

Hong Kong police haved used tear gas to disperse pro-democracy protests and baton-charged the crowd blocking a key road in the government district.

Volcano eruption 'like thunder'

DELUGE: Mountain lodges, covered with volcanic ash are seen near a crater of Mt Ontake.

 More than 250 climbers are trapped after a volcano erupted in central Japan.

Aceh province to lash gays

Indonesian Muslims in Aceh

Aceh has approved a law that can punish anyone having gay sex with 100 lashes.

Chinese noodle shop laces noodles with opium

"These noodles are like crack." Nope, it's opium.

Ever eat something so good, so addictive that you thought maybe, just maybe, it was too good?

School kids stabbed to death

A previously unannounced government program is helping individuals to transfer their yuan and convert it into dollars or other currencies overseas.

A man has stabbed to death four primary schoolchildren in southern China, state media report.

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