Whopper whale shark washes up

02:21, Feb 08 2012
Whale shark
A man stands on the dead whale shark before it was pulled from the water by cranes.
Whale shark
Residents gather as the whale shark is pulled from the water.
Whale shark
The giant whale shark washed ashore near Karachi and was sold for 1.7 million Pakistani rupees ($22,474).

A 10-metre long whale shark has been pulled from the sea off Karachi, Pakistan.

It took two cranes and more than four hours to lift the seven-tonne fish on to a jetty. Fishermen said it was found dead in shallow water off Gadani, local media reported.

A man who claims to have found the shark told The Express Tribune that "it was dead when my men found it".

"We will try to auction it. Let's see what it fetches us." The shark was sold for about $1.7 million Pakistani rupees ($22,474).

The shark will be put on public display for three days and the buyer will charge visitors, a fisheries dealer told the Tribune.

WWF marine biologist Moazam Khan said about 30 whale sharks have been found dead in Pakistani waters in the past seven years.

"No one kills them intentionally now," he said.

He said the whale shark was an endangered species and should not be killed in any case.


whale shark
FLIPPIN' BIG FISH: The giant whale shark is hauled onto a jetty in Karachi.

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