Thousands forced from their homes

04:38, Jan 17 2013
Jakarta Flooding
A stormy outlook in Jakarta from the Four Seasons Residences and Hotel.
Jakarta Flooding
Flooding is widespread in Jakarta.
Jakarta Flooding
Only a hardy few attempt to move around Jakarta. Taxi services are limited.
Jakarta Flooding
A large vehicle became stranded when its driver attempted to take on a badly flooded street.
Jakarta Flooding
A girl uses a swim ring to wade through a flooded street in Jakarta.

Monsoon rains and rising rivers have forced thousands of people to flee their flooded homes in Indonesia’s capital.

Jakarta’s disaster management agency said on its website that 10,825 people were in temporary shelters after fleeing flooding up to 3m high in several places.

In western Jakarta, a 13-year-old boy was killed after being swept away by a flooded river.

Media reports said floods inundated rice fields and roads in central Java and Indonesia’s part of Borneo.

Deaths from flooding and landslides are common during annual monsoons in Indonesia.

Last week, flooding cut off a toll road in the neighbouring province of Banten for days, killing at least four people and causing a 12km traffic jam along a major highway for two days.