A Christmas penguin parade

01:06, Dec 19 2013
penguin xmas parade
And what else does Santa need? Xmassy trees, of course!
penguin xmas parade
This one's obviously the ring leader.
penguin xmas parade
Now everyone's getting in on the dressing like Santa act.
penguin xmas parade
What? You never seen a penguin get excited about Christmas before?

Everyone's getting into the Christmas spirit this week, even the penguins.

A pack of the black and white birds, dressed in Santa suits and Christmas tree costumes, have been bringing in the crowds at a South Korean theme park.

The walkabout - or waddleabout - was staged to kick of Christmas festivities at the Everland park.

South Korea is the only East Asian nation to recognise Christmas.

Many Christian and non-Christian Koreans celebrate the holiday by exchanging gifts, caroling and participating in church services.