Kim Jong Un: The ladies' dictator

01:03, Apr 25 2014
Kim was also mobbed by adoring fans last week. "Oh yes, your admiration and tears please Dear Leader. Keep it coming, ladies! Just try not to crease my suit."
"I'm living the high life, baby! Those guys behind me had better be looking overwhelmed by my presence. Come on ... more tears. A few more tears. Okay, too many tears."
"Boys, you just try to look official while I strike a pose here. Oh yeah, it's good to be Kim."
"You said we were going to the beach. I don't see it anywhere! You will pay for this."
"Being a dictator is so hard, but boy can I pull off the steely-eyed pose. The camera loves me. You guys in the back, raise the roof!"

It's hard being a dictator. You have to look at things. Point at things. And then there are the groupies.

In the lastest example of how arduous the life is, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his haircut have dropped by an artillery unit in the Kangwon province, sending soldiers swooning.

Images of the visit co-incided with US president Barack Obama's impending trip to South Korea and were made public by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency.

Kim is showing being mobbed by women in uniform. They are crying, laughing and clapping. Relegated to the background are male soldiers, also pictured crying, laughing and clapping. However several are also flailing their arms above their heads in a state of absolute euphoria and all are probably suffering a severe dose of envy as their female counterparts cling to every limb of the Dear Leader.

North Korea is known for its bizarre and spectacular photo opportunities. But it's also renowned for removing people from images and stories if they've displeased the government.

The secretive state also tries - and fails, consistently - to dabble at Photoshop. There are many examples. Like the time Kim appeared at a children's hospital. Or the time Kim Jong Il looked healthy. Or the time all those hovercraft made a beach landing. (But then again China has also had its slip upsas has South Korea.

The latest image release follows reports of heightened activity at North Korea's underground test site, raising fears of another atomic test.

Obama is expected to discuss ways to deal with North Korea's nuclear programme when he visits Seoul this week.

But through it all Kim's still smiling.