Detainee arrest 'not surprising'

Hamilton police have arrested a 25-year-old man - and former detainee in Australia - for burglary.

Burglary arrest shows why Australia's policy isn't helping ex-cons to stay out of trouble, Andrew Little says.

Racial attack: 'Go back to Israel' video

The man in the video is seen screaming 'go back to Israel' at a Jewish man outside a synagogue.

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An anti-Semitic attack outside a Melbourne synagogue has been caught on camera and posted online.

More heat than light from Little's Oz trip?

Labour leader Andrew Little and MP Phil Goff visited the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in Sydney during their Australian trip, but their continued advocacy for detainees could backfire.

OPINION: Andrew Little promised to "shake the tree" in his fight for expats' rights, but it's unclear if his efforts have borne fruit.

'One of God's angels' dies

Benjamin White died on Wednesday after falling at a refinery in Australia.

A New Zealander described as "one of God's angels who walked on earth" has died in a workplace fall in Perth.

Could 'girls gone wild' sue? video

A Perth lawyer says no legal action should be taken against woman who filmed "girls gone wild" video.

One of the women who trashed a Perth bar bathroom wants to sue. Forget it, says lawyer.

'If I stopped, I would have been dead' video

The fire in South Australia has claimed two lives.

An Australian man has filmed his dramatic drive through a deadly bush fire in South Australia.

Aussie actor guilty of child sex offences

Jeremy Kewley, who has appeared in Neighbours, Cop Shop, Patrol Boat, The Sullivans and the legal drama Janus.

Well-known Australian actor pleads guilty to sex offences against children.

Detainee's mental health deteriorating

Karolina Roberts says that Wiki had had a difficult upbringing, spending time in foster care while in Australia.

Girlfriend of a Kiwi detainee says she is worried about his deteriorating mental health as he fights his visa cancellation.

Police called as man attacks spider

The huntsman spider is commonly found in Sydney although police did not reveal the identity of the spider.

Police were called thinking a man was beating up his girlfriend, but all was not as it seemed.

Australia trip positive: Little

Labour leader Andrew Little speaks to Kiwi expats at a meeting in Sydney.

Labour leader's fight against "obvious injustice" facing Kiwi expats in Australia buoyed by positive reception.

'Girl gone wild' is 'humiliated' video

The woman in the black dress trashing the Botanica Nightclub who has now spoken to 9News.

One of four women filmed drunkenly trashing a pub bathroom in Perth has spoken about the backlash against her.

Surfers 'need to pay for protection'

Sam Morgan underwent surgery after his attack.

A marine biologist says surfers need to bear the cost of shark protection measures by buying shark repellent devices.

Snakes on a beach

Dangerous eastern Brown snakes are commonly found in Queensland, Australia.

Tourists on Australia's Gold Coast are being warned to be on the lookout for deadly brown snakes left homeless after a large scrub fire.

Detention of Kiwis 'crude'

Labour leader Andrew Little says he will see whether any Kiwis being held at a Sydney detention centre need support.

Stories from Kiwi detainees in Sydney show how "crude" Australia's policy is, Andrew Little says.

Injury toll rises from bushfire

The perimeter of the blaze reached about 210kms after scorching through about 85,000 hectares of grass, cropping land and scrub.

Two are dead and 15 have been hospitalised with serious burns after the blaze north of Adelaide.

'Sinkhole' swallows beach

The "sinkhole" is estimated to be 100 metres.

A "sinkhole" has swallowed up part of a beach on an island south of Brisbane, Queensland.

Oz life goes from 'dream' to nightmare

Melissa Malcolm moved to Sydney with her children three and a half years ago, following the Christchurch earthquakes.

Her dream life soured when she couldn't get support from the Australian government after a stress-induced breakdown.

Phuc Dat Bich a hoax

Phuc Dat Bich had to post a picture of his passport so the moderators at Facebook would believe this is his name.

Classmate reveals Australian prankster's true identity - or is it another layer to the hoax?

Aussie Labor MPs back Kiwi expats video

Labour leader Andrew Little is confident Australian Labor MPs will take up the cause of Kiwis across the Tasman, if they form the next government.

Australian Labor MPs are keen to improve the rights of Kiwis living and working across the ditch.

Two dead in major bushfire video

A fire spokesman says the blaze has destroyed more than 250 hectares.

A major blaze in South Australia is burning out of control, with two people confirmed dead.

'Girls gone wild' get pub ban video

A Perth lawyer says no legal action should be taken against woman who filmed "girls gone wild" video.

A Perth pub has banned four women after video emerged of them trashing a toilet.

Girls gone wild: Punishment fits crime? video

A Perth lawyer says no legal action should be taken against woman who filmed "girls gone wild" video.

Has the public shaming of a group who trashed a Perth pub bathroom gone too far?

No 'eureka moment' on deportation

Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton has said he will look at individual cases where the controversial detention policy appears to have an overly harsh effect, Labour leader Andrew Little says.

Andrew Little says there's "no appetite" from the Australian government for any changes to controversial deportation laws affecting hundreds of Kiwis.

Jake the Peg - the lamb with 5 legs

Jake's extra front limb has no movement and just hangs from his body.

He was born with an extra leg, a floppy ear and misshapen head and jaw, but what now for this adorable Australian lamb?

Woman runs onto airport tarmac

Jetstar confirmed in a statement that the woman had gained unauthorised access to a restricted area of the airport.

The woman had reportedly stolen a uniform and was "chased in and out of planes" in Melbourne.

'If you don't like it, go home'

Labour leader Andrew Little says he got a "good hearing" from Australian politicians about improving rights for expat Kiwis.

Labour leader is confident of changes to Australian rules for expat Kiwis.

MP's tears over friend's murder

Australian MP Sarah Henderson breaks down in tears in Parliament

Sarah Henderson said her "beautiful, vivacious and kind" friend was killed by her partner in the US.

'Beer wench' help wanted ad

16122014 News Photo: Marion van Dijk/Fairfax NZ.

A low alcohol 4 percent Three Piece Wheat beer at The Free House.

Fancy fetching beer for "20 handsome guys" at the first New Zealand-Australia cricket test?

Aussies may protest Kiwis' detention

Australian senator Sarah Hanson-Young says the treatment of Kiwis being locked up in detention centres has drawn attention to the conditions which refugees have faced for years.

Australian apathy over New Zealanders in detention centres could change to anger on the streets, a politician says.

Should NZ become Aussie state?

Australian Senator Ian Macdonald says he does not believe the path to Australian citizenship is too difficult for Kiwis who live there.

Sick of raw deal across the ditch? NZ should become part of Australia, politician says.

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