Park investigation 'complex'

Flowers at Dreamworld, on Australia's Gold Coast, where four people were killed following an accident on the Thunder ...

Determining how the fatal crash occurred will take time, says Queensland Police Commissioner.

Dreamworld may 'never recover'

Dreamworld chief executive Craig Davidson and Ardent Leisure boss Deborah Thomas leave flowers at the site on Friday.

Tragedy likely to "destroy" theme park's future despite plans to reopen.

Park boss admits own failings video

Deborah Thomas, Dreamworld boss, admits the crisis could have been handled better.

Dreamworld CEO says aftermath of tragedy not handled "as well as I could have".

Parents slam 'anti-pervert' homework

Students were sent home with inappropriate material including 'hairy leg stockings' said to repel perverts

Students aged 10 to 11 were asked to assess pervert-repelling items such as 'hairy leg stockings'.

Park closed until after funerals video

Dreamworld chief executive Craig Davidson leaves flowers at the site on Friday after a private memorial service in ...

There's no timeline for park's reopening, Dreamworld CEO confirms.

Dreamworld: The families respond

Dave Turner and Shayne Goodchild speak to media on Friday in Canberra.

In full: Father of two of the victims from tragedy expresses families' shared grief.

Australian bus driver set on fire video

A bus driver was set on fire and killed in Brisbane, Australia.

Passenger who threw an incendiary device killing Manmeet Alisher is now in police custody for the "senseless and confronting act."

Bus driver was a 'good guy'

Manmeet Alisher died while working as a bus driver on Friday.

Victim of horrific Aussie bus fire attack was a social and "multi-talented" man.

Dreamworld boss pay cut

Deborah Thomas, Dreamworld boss.

Deborah Thomas' donation of $178k means she will earn less than half of what her predecessor earnt in the financial year. And he didn't work a single day.

'Abhorrent' attempt at Dreamworld joke video

Four people were killed at Dreamworld on the Thunder River Rapids ride.

A Gold Coast worker who used to live in NZ posted bad-taste jokes about the Dreamworld tragedy, hours after four people died.

DJ's Dreamworld 'joke' backfires video

Dreamworld will remain closed at least until Monday following the accident which claimed four lives.

Australian radio host is kicked off the air after making a quip about the Dreamworld tragedy.

So close to Dreamworld disaster video

Holidaymaker Tane Malcolm went on the Dreamworld ride with his family shortly before the accident.

He was on the River Rapids half an hour before tragedy struck. "It was probably one of the most tame rides... at no point did it feel unsafe."

Cyanide killer to appeal sentence

Jessica Kumala Wongso: "I don't accept this decision. It's not fair and very one-sided. More than this, I leave it all ...

Jessica Wongso was so convinced she would be innocent she had packed to go home to Australia.

'Blaming themselves for tragedy'

Kate Goodchild and husband David Turner with children Ebony, left, and Evie, right, in a picture released by the family.

Families of two Dreamworld victims face financial pressure, and are blaming themselves for the tragedy.

Ardent 'failed at every step' video

Ardent chief executive Deborah Thomas as she arrived at the shareholder meeting.

OPINION: Plans to reopen Dreamworld three days after four people died were met with disbelief. But was it the company's only right move?

Qantas' massive bag fee hike video

The airline has quietly increased their excess fees by 75 per cent, meaning an extra bag will cost $70.

The airline has quietly increased its excess fees by 75 per cent, meaning an extra bag will cost $70.

Dreamworld's lawsuit list video

Dreamworld will remain closed at least until Monday following the accident which claimed four lives.

Dreamworld faced $2.13 million in lawsuits in years leading up to ride tragedy.

Park boss donates bonus video

Deborah Thomas, Dreamworld boss, will receive a $167,500 bonus.

News the Dreamworld CEO was getting a payout after four people died angered many. Now she says she wants it to go to the victims' families.

Dreamworld cancels opening

Bouquets are now being left at Dreamworld in memory of the four victims.

Claim police gave the theme park advice not to reopen on Friday was an inaccurate, say Queensland police.

Clowns banned for Halloween

Pennywise - the clown form of a demonic entity from Stephen King's 1986 horror novel It.

Several Australian schools have banned students from wearing "creepy clown" outfits for Halloween celebrations.

'Worst of the worst'

Those who sat in on the 12-week trial have described it as the worst case of child abuse they have heard.

She grew up thinking it was normal to be locked overnight in a tiny box and sexually abused by her parents.

A sunny day turns tragic

Natalie O'Brien has told how close she came to being on the Dreamworld ride.

It was a perfect day at Dreamworld. Shortly after 1.40pm, it became into one of Australia's darkest days.

'She died in my son's arms' video

Kate Goodchild, one of the people named as a victim of the Dreamworld ride crash in Australia.

After Kate Goodchild was thrown from the Dreamworld ride, her partner ran to her side as she breathed her last.

Interracial marriage scorned

Cynthia and her partner - and the message she received.

Woman saddened to receive message that read: 'White people should stay with white people!'.

No charge over baby Gammy lie

Baby Gammy, here with his birth mother Pattaramon Chanbua, is doing well.

Convicted paedophile and his wife escape facing perjury charges for lying about the genetic makeup of babies.

When theme parks die

There's no shortage of closed down, run down, and abandoned theme parks across the globe. Could Australia's Dreamworld ...

Moss-covered carts and graffitied rollercoasters of abandoned theme parks make for an eerie sight. Is Dreamworld headed for the same fate?

Family furious with park boss video

Park owners Ardent Leisure have expressed their condolences to the families of those killed in Tuesday's tragedy.

Dreamworld CEO said they'd "reached out" to victims' families. It turns out they hadn't.

US park shuts water ride video

Busch Gardens, in Tampa Bay, temporarily closed its Congo River Rapids ride in the wake of the Dreamworld tragedy.

Safety procedures extensively reviewed at US theme park in wake of Dreamworld tragedy.

Dreamworld hits back video

Dreamworld has questioned the nature and timing of criticism from the Australian Workers' Union.

Theme park questions "nature and timing" of union's concerns about ride safety.

Taxpayers fund dogs' trips

Corrections minister Steve Herbert's pet dogs, Ted and Patch.

A bit ruff: He allowed his Australian government car to be used to chauffeur his dogs around.

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