Bushwalker discovers human remains

Lateesha Nolan disappeared on January 4, 2005.

For 12 years, the family of a murdered Australian woman thought her body was lost for good. Today police have renewed their search.

Sent home for hair that's 'too short'

The student was told to go home due to his haircut.

An Australian mum is outraged her teen son was told to leave school because his freshly-cut hair wasn't long enough.

Fatal lightning strike

Lightning strikes during an electrical storm over chch.

Hi, thought you might be interested in this shot from Saturday ...

Man dies and women left with injuries after being struck by lightning while camping.

Trash strewn across road

There's rubbish all over the road following a truck crashes on the Monash Freeway in Melbourne.

It's rubbish morning for Melbourne commuters after a truck rolled, spilling 42 tonnes of litter across a major highway.

Breakthrough in toddler's cold case

Police believe the person who kidnapped Cheryl Grimmer is still alive.

Police in Australia say the abductor of a three-year-old girl, taken from a beach almost 50 years ago, is still alive.

The story behind kangaroo punch video

Oh no you don't: The man punches the kangaroo.

Australian Greig Tonkins was out hunting a wild boar to fulfill a dying man's wish when his dog met the kangaroo. He works as a zookeeper.

Key's lessons for Australia

Any leader makes mistakes, and John Key made plenty

John Key's eight years at the top are longer than the tenure of the last four Australian PMs combined.

Aussie PM to Key: 'Say it ain't so, bro!' video

John Key and Malcolm Turnbull forged a close working relationship.

The Australian prime minister sent John Key a rueful text when he heard the news.

Kangaroo sock: Real or roos? video

Oh no you don't: The man punches the kangaroo.

The kangaroo punch is an astonishing snapshot of Aussie outback life. But is it too good to be true?

Wanted: Stolen rocket launchers

A 66mm rocket launcher simlilar to those stolen from the Australian army.

In an odd tale of missing weapons and Australian extremists, underworld crime figures may be unlikely heroes.

Tostee and Kiwi girlfriend split

Gable Tostee and Lizzi Evans in a photo on Evans' Facebook page in November.

Lizzi Evans lashes out at Gold Coast playboy saying he hasn't changed and their relationship was "his way or no way".

Man socks kangaroo to save dog

Oh no you don't: The man punches the kangaroo.

In the Australian outback: A kangaroo kicks a man's dog in front of him - the man was having none of it.

Chilly bin drink driver loses licence video

Josh Griffiths and his motorised Esky (chilly bin).

Aussie man caught riding a motorised chilly bin while drunk has his licence cancelled. But he's not the first...

Parents sue school after crash

Gabriel Runge, 16, died at the scene.

Parents of an Australian teenager who was killed in a minivan crash say they want someone held accountable for crash.

Buses catch fire at airport

Pictures on social media showed plumes of black smoke on the edge of the airport.

Two buses have been destroyed by fire in the long-term car park in Sydney Airport.

Street racing with toddler in back seat

A 33-year-old driver in Sydney, Australia, was charged with street racing, exceeding speed by limit by more than 30km/h, ...

A driver was allegedly caught street racing with two young children unrestrained in the back seat of the car in Australia.

Shock death of 9-year-old boy

The nine-year-old boy was rushed to hospital but tragically died.

A boy was rushed to hospital after a suspected heart attack during at basketball match.

Confronting my abuser

In the years Rebecca Taylor kept her stepfather’s sordid secret, her life disintegrated. 
There was just one thing left ...

On December 7, 2014, Rebecca Taylor placed a steak knife in her bag and another one in her car.

Secret beach voted Australia's best

Cossies Beach, Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

It's official: Australia's best beach is …drum roll… probably nowhere you've ever been.

Watch: Marmoset family reunited

The pygmy marmosets have been reunited.

Get the tissues ready. The stolen marmosets look relaxed, hanging out with mum again.

Baby penguin found in city drain video

The baby penguin was taken to a nearby zoo, which found it slightly underweight but in good health.

Lost baby to be reunited with family after two Aussie mates discover the animal trapped in an inner-city drain.

Ice hidden in packets of udon

The drugs were in bags labelled "Udon Noodles".

Nightclub promoters admit to importing 275kg worth of drugs concealed in packets of udon noodles.

Escaped rapist returns to victim's town

Christopher Austin was found after 10 days on the run.

Paedophile in Australia who escaped a mental health facility found back in hometown where he assaulted boy.

'I handed him to those monsters'

Peter and Rebecca McNeill expressed regret over kicking out their drug-addicted son from home, which led him to his ...

Parents of killed Australian man believe their failure to handle their son's drug addiction led him to his killers.

Most hated man's grudging praise

Martin Shkreli responds to Australian students

Pharma bro (kind of) congratulates schoolboys for making his $750 drug for $2 a dose.

No more money for reef video

Researcher Grace Frank completing bleaching surveys along a transect line on an area known as One Tree Reef, in the ...

Aussie government gives no new commitments to help protect the country's wounded Great Barrier Reef.

Gold Coast's $600m theme park video

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says the new park will not compete with other theme parks in the area.

People still want man-made fun: Mayor welcomes Chinese entertainment company's big plans.

Mum 'never wanted baby'

Tamara Louise Thompson.

Aussie mother is accused of murdering her three-month-old daughter, whose decomposing body was found in a shed.

Christmas cheer for bogans video

It even has a VB Santa at the top.

Perth man builds possibly the most Australian Christmas tree ever.

Bank error: Man withdrew $2.2m

Luke Brett Moore was sentenced to two years and three months jail but granted bail last September before his appeal.

"Complete Freedom" account error led to huge spend-up and then jail. But now a court's set him free.

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