'He's made our city smell like flowers'

Tori Johnson, killed in the siege in Martin Place.

The air is filled with the perfume of flowers. Tori Johnson would love it, his partner says.

Siege gunman 'caught on camera' video

Vision believed to be of Man Haron Monis walking in Martin Place ahead of Monday's fatal siege.

Cameras overlooking Sydney's Martin Pl appear to show gunman an hour before the hostage crisis begins.

700 fragments of MH17 victims

The wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17, believed to have been shot down by Ukraine separatists in July.

Family of British student who died on MH17 reveal hundreds of body parts have yet to be identified.

'I love you mum': Dawson's daughter's note

MOURNING: Relatives of Katrina Dawson gather in Martin Place on Thursday.

Among thousands of public tributes made to victims of the Sydney siege, there was a very personal one.

#illridewithyou turned into song video

Singer songwriter duo Edo & Jo perform I'll Ride With You in Martin Place.

In the aftermath of one of Sydney's darkest days, there was a spot of colour.

The hostage that eluded siege gunman

Man Haron Monis

One hostage the Sydney siege gunman failed to take this week was social media.

Siege's missing seven minutes video

NSW Tactical Operations police attend the Martin Place siege.

There were seven minutes of confusion before the Sydney siege escalated to a full-scale tactical assault.

Life sentence for daughters' murders

Savannah, four, and Indianna, three, were murdered by their father Charles Mihayo. He will spend more than 31 years behind bars for the ''hideous'' crime.

Australian father who murdered his two young daughters to exact revenge on his ex-wife will spend more than 30 years in jail.

Abbott: Siege possibly 'preventable'

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Sydney seige was an "atrocity" that might have been "preventable", says Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Russell Brand blasts media on the Sydney siege

Weighing in: Russell Brand is not impressed with how the media and government have handled the Sydney siege.

Russell Brand has criticised media and Prime Minister Tony Abbott for referring to Sydney’s Lindt cafe siege as an act of terrorism.

Inside the terrifying hostage siege

JOEL HERAT: 'No opportunity to look back'.

After being herded into two groups, hostages took action, triggering the deadly end game.

'I've never felt so much relief'

STRESSFUL ORDEAL: Sydney siege survivor John O'Brien paid tribute to the victims outside his home on Wednesday.

John O'Brien, one of the first hostages to escape, opens up about the stresses of being held captive inside the Lindt cafe.

Gunman 'increasingly paranoid'

Man Haron Monis.

The former partner of siege gunman Man Haron Monis told a court in 2012 of his increasingly paranoid behaviour.

Gunman's history of sexual assault

Man Haron Monis.

Police made no application to revoke the Sydney siege gunman's bail despite him being charged with 30 new sexual assault offences.

Aus PM eyes gun law change

Tony Abbott

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott suggests gun laws may need to be changed as he announces an urgent review into the Sydney siege.

Kiwi arrested in drug bust

Gotcha: citizens arrest helped by technology.

Auckland man arrested after raids here and in Australia target heroin trafficking syndicate, police say.

Sydney siege: Harrowing images video

Greg Parker

For 16 hours, a TV cameraman and a police sniper did their best to track the siege gunman. What they saw shocked both of them.

Sydney siege: Hostage's relief at escape

John O'Brien pays tribute to the victims of the Lindt siege hostage incident in Martin Place from outside his home in Maroubra.

"I've never felt such relief," says John O'Brien, describing the moment he escaped Sydney's Lindt cafe.

Why sniper didn't take a shot

The gunman Man Haron Monis visible in the Lindt cafe.

Why police were right to try to negotiate with the gunman, despite an apparent open shot.

How 16 hours of terror came to a head


The crazed gunman began to drift to sleep, and a group of hostages took their chance. He roused, and started shooting.

Siege cops 'exceptional'

A hostage runs to armed tactical response police officers for safety after she escaped from Lindt cafe.

Nelson man Oliver Whalley, who works in Martin Pl where the Sydney hostage siege took place, pays tribute to police.

Survivors bound together

Julie Taylor.

The 15 Sydney siege survivors were a mix of Lindt cafe staff, legal professionals and nearby bank workers.

Field guilty of manslaughter

WAITING FOR SENTENCE: Craig Field (right) had claimed to be acting as a "peacemaker" in a fatal dispute.

Former NRL player Craig Field will be sentenced over the manslaughter of a farmer at a northern NSW pub.

Laid down their lives

Katrina Dawson, or 'Tree' as she was known, at a surprise party held for her in Sydney when she was 15 or 16.

Pair killed in Sydney siege were "heroes... willing to lay down their lives so others might live."

Not on any watch list gallery

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his wife Margie pay their respects to the victims of the Martin Place siege.

Australian PM says gunman behind Monday's siege was not on any government terror watch lists.

Driven by personal crises

Man Haron Monis

Was Sydney gunman an Islamist terrorist or a disturbed individual looking to end his life?

Gunman 'slipped through the cracks'

Man Haron Monis

He had a long history of violent crime and mental instability. So why on earth was he free on bail?

Sydney siege: How it unfolded

Freed hostages run from the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place.

December 15 should have been just another Monday morning in Martin Place, a pedestrian mall in the heart of Sydney.

'So proud of our boy'

Tori Johnson, killed in the siege in Martin Place.

Parents of slain Sydney cafe manager say he'll live forever in their memories. | Farewell Katrina

Farewell my friend, Katrina Dawson

Mother of three Katrina Dawson died in the Sydney siege.

A friend remembers the generous and dedicated mother of three who was killed in the Sydney siege.

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