Rape charges for 'fake' gynaecologist

Raffaele Lorenzo Di Paolo is charged with 88 offences.

Raffaele Lorenzo Di Paolo is accused of pretending to be a doctor for over nine years in Melbourne.

Stabbed, then stuffed in chilly bin

Napier man Campbell Paterson, who was killed near Cairns in November, 2014.

Sister of murdered Kiwi says family can begin to heal after life sentence given to killer.

Street ripped, relaid - 24 times video

The George, Bridge and Grosvenor Streets intersection where light rail preparation works have begun.

This Sydney street is going to be ripped up and relaid every weekend for half the year - but why?

Murdered after Facebook exchange

Sydney teenager Jed Coates.

It was a fight that started in a pub, continued on Facebook and ended fatally in a park.

Far left, right-wing groups clash video

A policeman with a protester at far-right, far-left rallies in Melbourne.

An Australian flag was set on fire and a photographer attacked as warring left- and right-wing groups clashed in Melbourne.

Sydney man allegedly raped a teen

Mustafa Kayirici, 26, has been charged after allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

Australian man allegedly raped a young woman before going on to kidnap and rape a 13-year-old girl five days later.

Aussie mother prosecuted for death threats

Trina Pania Hohaia was fined $1000 for using a carriage service to offend.

Miriam is used to the abusive messages. One night, a message arrived that she couldn't ignore.

Not Australian enough for Australia video

Teresa Mullan has been stripped of her Australian passport because rule changes mean she is no longer regarded as a citizen.

She was born in NZ, to Australian parents, but that's not good enough for immigration.

Scientists' coral reef plea

A tourist swims on the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientists have sent a letter to Australian officials calling for action to save the world's reefs.

Man falls into freezing waters

The man is believed to have fallen into the water about 12:30am.

A major search is underway after a ferry passenger fell overboard in Australia.

Accused killed Kiwi 'in self-defence'

Napier man Campbell Paterson, who was killed near Cairns in November, 2014.

The man who killed Campbell Paterson told police it was a question of "fight or flight".

Is this the world's fastest predator?

Karaops francesae from Two Peoples Bay, sitting next to her egg-sac.

It may be tiny, but this spider has something else going for it.

Jailed for raping daughter

Prosecutor Justin Whalley said the girl, who lived with her father after her parents separated, looked to him for care ...

Australian also subjected her to wear bondage gear and pimped her out to six other men.

When death is the first warning sign

Emily Wheatley with daughters Ruth (left) and Olwen. Emily's husband Michael died suddenly while playing a game of beach ...

Young, fit - and dead after cardiac arrest. A new study involving Kiwis has looked in depth at why.

The day I was caught in a crime

Police were there "in significant numbers" within a minute of the carjacking.

OPINION: I always hoped I'd be the hero who crash tackled the thug. But I hardly moved.

Two Aussie women charged with murder

Aaron Pajich, who had Asperger's syndrome, was last sighted in Rockingham on Monday June 13, and was believed to have ...

The body of 18-year-old Australian Aaron Pajich has been discovered after he went missing on June 13.

'Home alone' mum in court

The woman blamed the situation on  a postal error, but has still ended up in court.

She went to Bali to renew her visa, where were the kids?

Giant python found in bedroom

The massive visitor, just hanging in the bedroom.

What do you do when you find a 5m, 40kg snake in your house? Give him a name of course.

Aussie on child sex charges

Michael Quinn worked at a Melbourne IVF clinic and was in Los Angeles on vacation and to play in a rugby tournament.

US federal grand jury indicts Australian on charges of attempted child sex trafficking.

'Fake tradie' is the real deal video

The Liberal Party's election advertising has continued the attack on Labor while the Opposition has tried a softer approach.

Andrew MacRae hopes to silence his critics, by announcing he's a genuine tradesman, who was dressed up for the ad.

Aussie homes targeted by illegal party scam

Angry neighbour Craig Gutry stands in front of another house which was wrecked when a teen party got out of control.

Vacant homes are being trashed by teenagers who tell the neighbours they're the new tenants and break in.

Predator cop to serve 19 years

A former policeman, Robert William Gommeson, has been jailed for 19 years for child sex crimes. His youngest victim was ...

Robert William Gommeson raped children for more than a decade, his youngest victim was five-years-old.

Pet dogs attack farms

Farmer John Lakey on his farm in Sunbury, Victoria.

Australian farmer speaks out after dog owner shows no compassion for sheep maulings caused by their pet.

Grandmother attacked, car stolen

Mavis Dillon 87, recovering from injuries in Sunshine Hospital.

Mavis Dillon, 87, was seriously injured by a man who hit her in the face and then stole her car.

Australian switches plea over Tinder case

Zane Alchin leaves Downing Centre Local Court after pleading guilty to charges relating to online threats.

Zane Alchin pleads guilty after posting 55 explicit comments to Facebook, claiming he was unaware trolling was a crime.

Banks track disloyal customers

NAB is getting alerts when customers move.

Australia's NAB is tipped off each time a business banking customer goes to a rival for a loan.

'Jump! Jump! Quick!' video

Her friends and neighbours urged her to jump. But she couldn’t do it, as the blaze took hold.

Neighbours stood on the road beneath the woman with a mattress as her Sydney apartment burned.

Australian dam set to spill

Warragamba Dam, Sydney's main catchment, last spilled over in August 2015 - and may again on Monday.

One of the world's largest domestic water supply dams expected to overflow if heavy rain continues.

Busted after 17 years on the run video

Former Australian TV presenter Roberto Saenz de Heredia was arrested in London after fleeing charges of attempted murder ...

He allegedly faked his own death and skipped the country after trying to blow up a Penthouse Pet.

Teen juggled lectures with drug deals

In another text exchange, Sawyer asked a client not to divulge the fact that she had supplied a bad ecstasy.

Her days were spent in classrooms studying. After dark, she had a secret double life embroiled in sex and drugs.

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