Kiwi was 'trying to escape' when she fell

05:56, Aug 17 2014
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Kiwi Warriena Tagpuno Wright cried "I just want to go home" before she plunged from the Gold Coast balcony of the Australian man accused of her murder, a new report claims.

Australia's Sunday Mail newspaper has reported what it said were exclusive details of the case police will make against Gable Tostee, who is accused of murdering the tourist. The pair were said to have have met on dating site Tinder.

Lower Hutt woman Wright, who went by the name Rrie, died a week ago after falling from Tostee's 14th-floor balcony at the Avalon Apartments in Surfers Paradise.

Warriena Tagpuno Wright
TRAGEDY: Warriena Wright was in Australia for a family wedding.

The police allege Wright had been assaulted and fell while attempting to flee Tostee, the Mail reported.

Tostee's neighbours earlier reported hearing screams before she fell in the early hours of the morning.

The police case says Wright and Tostee met at a mall about 9pm (local time) on August 7 and went back  to his apartment.

Police will allege Wright was assaulted, that she feared for her life and fell as she was trying to escape him by trying to climb from his balcony to one below.


The Mail reported police were able to arrest Tostee after audio recordings were found on mobile phones discovered in a car in his apartment basement.

It also claimed witnesses told police they heard a male and female arguing and then a woman's voice screaming "no, no, no" and "I just want to go home" shortly before Wright fell to her death.

Wright was visiting Australia for the wedding of a former colleague and friend. Her body has since been returned to her family.

Tostee, a Surfers Paradise body-builder, was arrested at his parents' home in Carrara, according to reports.

He did not appear in court in Queensland yesterday and his legal team representing him in the Southport Magistrates Court was not required to enter a plea.

Magistrate John Constanzo remanded Tostee in custody to appear via video link at Southport Magistrates Court on October 10.

Outside court Tostee's lawyer, Michael Purcell, said his client maintained his innocence and looked forward to seeing the brief of evidence.

"My client maintains his innocence and we look forward to the provision of a brief of evidence so my client can move on with the court process," Purcell said.

"I've got instructions to make an application in the Supreme Court for bail in the weeks to come."

Tostee took to a bodybuilding forum last week to say he was devastated by the death and to deny having anything to do with Wright's fall.

"I absolutely did NOT cause this girl to fall and that I am devastated about what happened to her," he wrote.

On the same site he said he had taken home about 150 girls from clubs during the past few years.