Missing woman: abduction fears surface

22:37, Sep 24 2012
Jill Meagher
SEARCHING FOR JILL: A missing person poster on the corner where she was last seen.

Several women have used a Facebook page set up to find missing ABC employee Jill Meagher to outline scares they had this year in the Melbourne suburb where she disappeared, including one incident in which a man allegedly tried to pull a woman into a car.

Meagher was last seen early on Saturday morning leaving Bar Etiquette in Brunswick.

Her handbag was found yesterday in a laneway near the bar and the homicide squad has been called in to investigate the 29-year-old Irish woman's disappearance.

Jill Meagher
ORDEAL: Tom Meagher, husband of Jill Meagher, outside the Brunswick Police Station in Melbourne.

A social media campaign has been launched to help find Meagher.

More than 42,000 people have ''liked'' the Facebook page Help Us Find Jill Meagher.

In separate posts on the Facebook page, two women said they had felt threatened by a car following them in Brunswick in February.


One said the incident was menacing.

In another post, a woman said a relative was walking home late one night several months ago when she ''had someone try to pull her into a car'' about four blocks away from Hope Street.

Another said she later moved from the area ''because of similar incidents that happened to me''.

A police spokesperson said the investigation was still in its early stages but police would ''follow up all avenues of inquiry''.

Meagher, an ABC employee, had been drinking with colleagues after work on Friday, first at the Brunswick Green on Sydney Road and later at Bar Etiquette.

She declined an offer from a male colleague to walk her home - less than a kilometre from Bar Etiquette in Sydney Road to Lux Way.

She was reported missing by her husband on Saturday.

Police have said the laneway in which her handbag was found was off the normal route Meagher would have taken home but was a street she might have used.

Her mother, Edith McKeon, described her as ''a fighter'' and made a plea for anyone with information to come forward.

Speaking from her Perth home, Mrs McKeon said Meagher was a loving daughter who rushed home from a holiday in Ireland when her father, George, had a stroke several weeks ago.

She said her daughter had phoned her brother on the night of her disappearance but when he tried to phone back the call went to voicemail.

''It's not Jillian's thing… so this is just so out of character… I just don't know what's happened,'' McKeon said.

''Tom, her husband, rang Saturday afternoon… of course you think she'll turn up or something like that… but yesterday morning still no sign.

‘‘If anyone's seen anything, even if you think it might not be her, just please ring… it might be her; it mightn't be her, if there's any doubt at all just ring, just let the police know.''

Meagher is described as of fair complexion, 165cm tall, slim build, long curly black hair and brown eyes.

She was wearing a blue dress, black jacket, black patterned stockings and high heels.

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