Selfies on stolen phone tip off police

The selfies on the stolen mobile phone's camera ended up in the owner's cloud account.

The selfies on the stolen mobile phone's camera ended up in the owner's cloud account.

Could these two be the worst crooks of the year?

The pair are allegedly linked to a break-in at a house in Perth, Australia, two weeks ago where a raft of belongings were stolen from a family, including the mother's mobile phone.

Weeks on, police investigations had failed to track down the culprits - that was until a duo began taking selfies on the stolen mobile phone's camera - which they assumedly didn't realise were being uploaded to the mother's iCloud account.

"[On Wednesday], I noticed photos on my iPhone through streaming," the mother, who did not want to be named, said. "I had both my stolen iPhone and iPad hooked through my Apple account and connected through iCloud.

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"It showed those two boys taking selfies, dumb and dumber alright."

The mother, who was left devastated after the alleged thieves stole a hard drive with irreplaceable photos and videos of her children on it, posted one of the images of the smiling pair online, asking if anyone recognised them.

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"They took my lifetime worth of memories," she said.

Her own detective work, within hours, apparently led to police attending a house in Perth's south on Wednesday afternoon. "Thankfully police have been great," she said.

"They got the photos [of the duo] today and have matched them to the same names I was given via Facebook."

Perth's no stranger to these kinds of things - back in July two Perth men allegedly tried to hold up a pharmacy in Perth's south and accidentally foiled their own plans after one squirted himself in the face with pepper spray and the other cut himself with a knife he was threatening staff with.

The Dumb & Dumber pair allegedly escaped the Shoalwater scene stealing only sleep apnoea masks after a confrontation with staff spilled into the pharmacy carpark.  

Police are yet to confirm if any charges have been laid in relation to the burglary in Waikiki.


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